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Nick E.
Mostly satisfied

For what it is, it does its job. I have the switch and the bandit and love them both. The bandit is smaller than expected. There needs to be a mid range bag made to accommodate a laptop and school supplies like most of the north face bags. The “bandit XL” or the “daily”

Laser Cut Panel

Great accessory to my Pack. Look forward to other products.

Brian M.
Small blade

My first impression is that the Switchblade is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The one I ordered also did not have exterior webbing so I had to “manufacture” a way to attach the large accessory pouch to the exterior of the pack. Not the design or integration I was hoping for.
I travel a lot for work so I was hoping to finally find a pack that fit my needs. The Switchblade got me closer but still fell short and not worth the price I paid.

Chad L.

Nice pack, well-made quality product. Only wish it had more standard Molle loops. The ones on it don't seem to work as well as I had hoped attaching a few simple items.

IndiTAK Pouch
Doug R.
Psck for turkeys

The pack performed has advertised, did well.

BA Scabbard

Seems like a nice addition, can’t wait to use it on my upcoming Antelope hunt.

Shipping protection always a good thing

Shipping protection always a good thing ! An added peace of mind I’m getting your stuff to your front door and in your house without having to worry Eberly stock great products definitely worth the money and no I don’t work for them!

Derek E.


Hook Up Kit
Mike M.
Kite hookup to F1 mainframe

I have run an Eberlestock pack for years, but wanted something lighter and with more capacity. This seemed like a good fit, but the Kite needed the hookup kit to mate with the mainframe. So far, it looks like it will work as it is supposed to, but the testing has been limited to the basement. Looking forward to getting out with it soon.

Matthew G.

Great backpack

Undercover Brief

It’s perfect for taking you IPad or laptop to coffee shop and still having quick access to my Glock in the CCW pocket. Very low profile

It is okay, not perfect.

I was quite shocked to see that for $200 it is made overseas. I thought all Eberlestock items were made in USA. The bag is handy and I've opted to keep it. It can hold several full size pistols plus magazines and ammo. I hope the carry handle on the top holds up over time to the weight.

FAC Track
Jeff N.
FAC Track Fan

My first Eberlestock pack but probably not the last. Great quality, frame, comfortable and plenty of organizational pockets for stuff and storage.

1X X1A3

Have not officially used this yet. I did pack it up including my rifle and then my bow. Carried it around the property and it seems comfortable and robust.

Best customer service!!

Great product, with great support. My order was missing a pair of pants. I emailed CS and they had them out the next day! Best all around pant I’ve found too! From work, to church to hunting….these do it all and comfortably!

Great add on for the F1 mainframe

Great add on for my F1 main frame pack. I put two of these on the waist belt

Perfect for F1 Mainframe

I installed these on an F1 mainframe so I can have a double set of straps. One set to keep meat tight against the frame and the other set to strap a dry bag with gear on the outside. I had to buy a roll of strap on Amazon to complete the setup.

1205 E.P.W.R.T.
Excellent as usual.

I own several of their offerings. All excellent, top notch products,and the Bandit is no exception. Form and function is key. All their gear looks killer, and performs even better. Don't waste time shopping around.Look no further. You won't find better. Customer service is on f#*g point. I'll be back again.

Zip-On Dry Bag
David C.
Dry Bag for F1 Mainframe pack

This is such a simple and awesome way to control all my gear! Great product keep up the good work.

HiSpeed II
Brandon B.
Great Pack

This is the perfect pack if you are like me and like to have your gear organized! High quality too.

Frederick H.

Have not used yet but will be part of my equipment in Colorado and Alaska. Top notch quality as usual for Eberlestock. Got them for my F1 frame and Vapor pack.

Great customer service

Love the product and company! Huge Eberlestock fan!

Atlas Duffel
Nick M.
Absolute TANK Of A Travel Duffel

Too many good things to say about the Atlas! As with other Eberlestock products, the attention to detail and design is top notch. It's definitely built to last, every component from the wheels to the grab handles feels durable. Will be using it for summer travel before switching it over to become my go-to hunting truck bag this fall.

Little Brother
Konrad S.
Very content

Great little assault pack when stand alone but also a great supplement to the war hammer pack I use them all together as a ruck that I am very happy with.

FAC Track
Alex W.
Perfectly designed

This pack is great if you work with radios. The storage it has is perfect and streamlined for what I really need it for. It keeps my radio in a comfortable spot and stable. The MOLLE is great for accessories as well. 10/10 would recommend this bag