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Pioneer Half Zip Hoodie

Very comfortable and a get add to my Eberlestock layering system. I do wish it didn't ball up as much as it does. For the price of it it shouldn't do that. It started to ball up after the first time I wore it.

Salmon River Pant

Great pants! I do wish they were more tapered at the bottom, but other than that I have enjoyed them

Excellent quality.

Best bag I’ve ever carried. The zippers are great quality, the bag rides high and snug to the body, and you don’t feel your weapon against your back when it’s in the concealed pocket. I was hesitant how well the magnetic closure would retain the pistol, but it works great and really are strong magnets. I’ve had zero issues of retention with my pistol in there.

John M.
Switchblade is Best EDC

Love my Switchblade pack. Fantastic EDC. Only gripe is that I wish the hidden pistol pouch was Velcro-lined for a Velcro holster to keep pistol locked in place. Other than that, very well thought-out pack! Ordered a second for my son.

Philip G.
Great backpack for EDC & travel

This is a great backpack, I organized it for every day use and travel. So far so good with TSA at the airport, I can take out my 17” & 15” laptops
With ease and speed without disrupting my packed clothes. I highly recommend it!!
Philip G.

Gabriel C.


Lukas H.
Great Range bag

The bag is perfect size for a paired down version of the catchall range bag. This is perfect for a specific training or an event where you’re dealing with one or two platforms very well-made.

Team Elk Pack

Team Elk Pack is very nice quality is better than I thought it would be…Company was great to work with..

Jeffrey J.

Works perfectly with the “J frame”…
A home run…

Eberlestock - My goto choice for bags and pouches

I have several Eberlestock products and I am impressed by the quality to value ratio of all the items I have purchased, I recommend them to my friends and neighbors, knowing I am recommending a high quality product and Recon small zip pouch is great little pouch - I keep my RF or head lamp into depends on my daily activities

Little Trick
Justin M.
Seriously well-made

You can tell immediately that Eberlestock is serious about their products. The bag is incredibly well-made and was thoughtfully designed. Concealed carry compartment is great and works from both sides. Tons of storage, compartments, and potential arrangements inside. I will be coming back for more...

F1 Mainframe
Matt S.
Great Product

I got Batwings and a mainframe and am very impressed. Solid construction, light, and comfortable. I recommend and will be buying a 50 liter pack next!

Excellent, as always

Perfect quality - perfectly integrated with other Eberlestock gear

Jacob H.

Awsome daily pack. Great pocket lay out and durable construction!

Spare Buckles
Nicolle G.
Great job!

We had an issue with only receiving one buckle, but customer service was great & got us the 2nd one we had ordered very promptly. The product is great!

Connor K.
Bandit pack

Wonderful little day pack for whatever essentials you need for the day!

Love the products

Would love to hear back from you guys regarding the Molly panel and the hand warmer. Supposedly they’ve been out of stock since before Christmas, do you have any idea when you’ll be getting those two items in? I signed up to receive an email when you did but haven’t heard anything.

G4 Operator
Cody H.

Fits everything I need for a 5 day pack with room to spare

Payette Down Hoody

I absolutely love the Payette Hoody. I bought it to replace one of my other big brand jackets that was getting pretty clapped out. The fit is awesome and I like how it is a little more form
fitting around the chest and upper arms. It is incredibly warm, extremely lightweight and easily packable. Some of the down has creeped through the stitching but at least you know it’s real and not a synthetic puff. I only hope that it doesn't continue. I have already recommended it to friends and would recommend it to anyone before you go to an outdoor store and pay too much for a similar jacket. Also it’s available through GovX if you have access which is awesome.

G3 Phantom
Jeff H.
Ok pack, poor scabbard

Overall the pack seems ok. Lots of bull in the straps and waist belt, wish you could remove the lower back pad (straps and pad are half the bill when trying to stow it in my patrol car.

Disappointed in the rifle scabbard, I was under the impression it was a complete scabbard, not just a partial sleeve with a loose two piece cap. I had planned on keeping my rifle in this for rapid deployment but the scabbard is nowhere close to secure enough for that.

Owyhee Field Shirt

Neal H.
Just what I was looking for!

First off, this was not my first purchase from Eberlestock and my experience with this fine company’s products has given me confidence in the design and quality of their offerings.

I wasn’t in the hunt for a “range bag.” Rather, I travel 700 to 1,000 miles in two to three trips a month between my suburban home to another state where I have a cabin in the woods. My need was for a solid piece of luggage for firearms. One gun is usually is a 9mm compact EDC for around town, plus another is a large 10mm semi-auto with a magazine loaded with 200 grain bullets. My cabin is in bear country, both black bears and grizzlies and a denser population than Yellowstone National Park. When I’m out and about I carry bear spray as a first line of defense, but a heavy hand gun is a comforting backup.

The Bang-Bang duffel easily organizes and neatly holds all the guns, holsters, magazines, ammo, accessories, plus several items unrelated to firearms. And I can just toss it on the floor of my pickup and go.

The Bang-Bang is another superb Eberlestock product.

Mathew W.
The best

The best or nothing! Love Eberlestock

Quality products that hold up to demanding use

What I have come to rely on Eberlestock products for…functional, well made, dependable items.

jason s.

This bang bang bag bussing FR FR