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The Switchblade™ keeps a low profile, with maximum space and organization. Open the top lid pocket and you will find two magazine pouches, and other small organizing features. Inside you’ll find a document divider for an iPad, laptop, or even a short-barreled rifle. The front of the pack features an oversized pocket for quick access to your important items. On each side is a pair of drawstring cup holder pockets, as well as a flat side-zip pocket. It also features a hidden, magnetic open, quick-access CCW pocket.

CCW Pocket

Internal Pockets

17" Tech Pocket

Hydration Carry



  • Total Volume: 1,785 c.i. / 29.3L
  • Weight: 3.60 lbs
  • Dimensions main bag: 20.5H x 12W x 8D


  • Rare-earth magnetic openings allow quick access to handgun concealed carry pouches from either side of the pack.
  • Loop-velcro PALS webbing inside allows you to rack either MOLLE- or velcro-backed accessories.
  • Interior pockets for hydration bladder, mags, small item organizers, and more.
  • Detachable harness.
  • New MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60% weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes.
  • Ambidextrous concealed holster suitable for most handguns, including full-frame automatics.
  • Hipbelt compatible.
  • Use our Small Reversible Rain Cover for weather protection

Customer Reviews

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Mark K. (Pennsylvania)
The Best EDC for Travel

Love the options that make the a great edc bag. Want to hide something. Check. Open all the way to expose organizer pouches. Check. Double bottle holder. Check. Possible add on if not a gray man. Check. Love the options.

Tom M. (Ohio)
More like Swiss Army Knife.

The Switchblade is a fantastic bag that I can use for everyday use or something more. It’s a great bag all around so maybe a name change is in order.

Ramon S. (Groningen)
Great EDC

Absolutely love this pack! I live in the Netherlands, it's June right now and as always, we have every season every day. This pack provides the space to take everything I need.

The suspended dividers for laptop and tablet are very spacious, yet compress almost flat against the back panel of the bag, giving you the option to carry bulky stuff without losing space. The organisational capacity in the main compartment is thought out very well, and the top compartment blew my mind with it's space and versatility. Back padding and straps are very comfortable, and the size of the pack is very easily adjustable. Also the two zipped side pockets on the outside of the pack are great, very spacious yet it doesn't take away from the inner capacity too much!

There are only 2 things I would change about this pack (and those are trivial at best), namely: 1) an integrated rain cover, and 2) either mesh or stretch water bottle pockets on the sides. But if I'm being real here, like I said, trivial issues at best.

Oh!! This pack also has a CCW compartment. You can call me McDonald because I'm loving it.

Travis T.R. (Tennessee)
Built like a Tank!!

Flat out the best in the business!! Built like a tank!


Hold everything and more so far I enjoy it

Renzo B. (Arizona)
Switchblade... the ultimate "Get Home" bag

Let's start with choosing the right tool for the job. I initially purchased the Jacknife but quickly realized that it didn't fit the job I needed it to, so I returned it to Eberlestock who easily, promptly and without and hassle exchanged the Switchblade, and it sure does fit job. Note- The Switchblade costs a few dollars more, so there was a small upcharge, but not a problem.

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way and talk about the harness, which is the best in the industry, you won't be disappointed. It is super adjustable, I'm 6'3 and it carries just fine. You can raise and lower the harness depending on your load out very quickly. The harness system breaths well which is important concerning I live in Arizona and it's 110 outside right now. There are some "D" rings on the front of the straps for attaching or securing items to you. Did I mention the harness is very adjustable?

Now the important stuff. I travel and sometimes my travels take me to less than desirable locations so concealment of weapons, medical gear and protection are prime concerns.

Inside the bag you will find a nice sized molle panel for keeping gear in one location in the bag. There is one long internal side pouch, on the other side is a small pouch at the bottom and three long, small pouches above it. There is also a large back compartment that could fit a nice laptop and then a file pouch. All of these pouches and sleeve seem nice, but I don't carry a laptop every day and folders either. I didn't buy this bag as some sort of trendy, go to the office, look at me bag, although it is perfect for that. This is an all-around great bag for anything any day. It is overbuilt for anything civilian life will through at it and should last you a lifetime.

The fact that I can unzip the whole front of the bag to take inventory and access individual items when needed is a big plus and allows you to stage your gear in a specific order and not have to dig through the bag to find them. The back panel is super clean, so it works well as a covert carry bag.

I bought the bag as a "Get Home" bag with specific needs. This is how I load my Switchblade out. The long pouch holds a fresh clean shirt in case I need to change my look or blend in better and not look like just I walked through the desert and am a stranger in town.

The small bottom pouch holds a bivy for shelter purposes. The three top pouches perfectly hold 3x30 round magazines for my MP5.

The back compartment holds the MP5 at an angle nicely, so it doesn't flop around much. I use another folded shirt at the bottom of this compartment to keep the muzzle from digging at the soft fabric and tearing it. The folder compartment carries a soft body armor plate perfectly.

At the bottom of the pack, I carry a large IFAK and additional medical supplies. There is also plenty of room above it for more soft items like a jacket or poncho, change of clothes, etc. I carry a flexible chest rig that I can add my soft body armor into and move my MP5 magazine into also. You do not want to keep going to your bag for additional magazines in the middle of gunfight. I also carry an extra belt and soft holster just in case.

The inner molle panel holds additional mag pouches for my side arm (VP9 so I can share ammo if needed) and there is additional space for more items to be attached.

The top of the bag panel (think the top flap) is more molle attachments. I keep my "boo-boo" kit and other needed incidental supplies. This is an excellent feature as you can just unzip enough to expose the inside and access my pouch.

On the top is an admin pocket which is ideal for keeping pens, flashlight, TQ, multi-tool, chem lights and other small daily use items. The magazine pouches are basically useless as they are too small for rifle mags and too big for pistol mags, but they are great for other items like a small solar charger and handheld weather station. There is a larger admin pouch also which if it was closable by a zipper or hook and loop closer would have been better. There is a hanger for a water bladder, other internal hanging bags, or your keys.

Now, let's look at what I initially thought were useless zipper pouches. On the front panel there is a flat zipper pocket that I carry some chest seals in along with my wallet. But can't the wallet easily be compromised or fall out if the zipper slides down? I added a lockable carabiner at the top side loop and then hook the zipper pull into it, which keeps it secure and still easily accessible. Then the other day I slid some paperwork in it, so it's not useless, my brain just didn't realize the use for it initially. There are two long side pockets on each side. Remember- what items you put in these side pockets will encroach some on your internal space but not much. I found these pockets ideal for carrying my Gerber fighting knife, cabling for my computer when I do use it for that purpose, my ham radio and lo...


Quality is amazing and fits everything I need perfectly. Plenty of little pockets for odd end items and the conceal carry compartment is great.
Very impressed.


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