Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack
Mini-Me Hydration Pack

Mini-Me Hydration Pack

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An ultralight hydration and weapon carrying day pack



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Volume: 400/900 c.i.
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Simplify upland bird hunting with the H1 Mini-Me's packable bird bag. The bird bag deployed from the zippered pocket on the underside of the pack, expanding to clip into the top of the pack, creating a piggy-backed mesh bird bag to carry your game.

The H1 Mini-Me includes a 2L hydration bladder to keep you in the field longer. Includes multiple small organization pockets and features for compartmentalizing gear and a large main compartment for bulky items like clothing. 

Unzip the scabbard tunnel to allow the integration of our A2LS scabbard. This allows a rifle or shotgun to be carried comfortably and securely on the back.

Recommended for: 

  • Upland Bird | Small Game

Recommended Add-Ons:


  • Comes standard with 3 liter (100 oz) Source hydration bladder
  • Four zippered compartments (One full depth spotting scope pocket)
  • Wrap around zipper opens scabbard tunnel
  • Secret compartment with deployable Bird Bag
  • Pull-out hip belt
  • Grapple compression strap


  • Total Volume: 400 c.i.
  • Total Volume w/birdbag: 900 c.i.
  • Weight: 3 lbs and 8 oz.
  • Dimensions main bag: 19"h x 8"w x 3"d

Side Scabbards and ButtBuckets are sold separately (the pack is a terrific small-scale pack without them, for general field use).

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Great hydration pack

The pack is great and has a bit of storage between the pockets. The only drawback is that the game bag does not detach from the main bag and does take up a good bit of space in the bottom of the main compartment.

Troy Y.
Awesome one day pack

I enjoy the size and the ability to carry a long rifle!

gregory b.
Nice Pack

I am impressed with the overall quality of the H1 Mini-Me.
I will certainly buy another pack from Eberlestock.

ian c.
addendum to previous review

upon further inspection for improvements to an otherwise good hydration pack, and without the ability to edit a previous review, please forgive this addendum.
there needs to be an additional small zippered pocket above the bottom outside zippered pocket to fully utilize the packs realistate.
and to further improve the gamebag, instead of using the weak looking plastic buckles to secure the gamebag to the shoulders, incorporate a zipper that goes around the circumference of the gamebag that secures it to a zipper on the outside of the main pack. this in my view would not only improve the durability of the gamebag, but prevent the breakage of the weak plastic buckles in the event of having the gamebag being caught on snags.
if eberlestock took all of these suggestions into account and incorporated them into this already well made product, itd fully warrant me upgrading to the newer model and the $150 price tag.
work union. buy american. live better.
ibew lu 106

ian c.
sturdy with flaws

i recently bought this hydration pack to replace a $13 dollar one bought impromptu in utah five years ago to carry my hydration bladder without having to use a larger pack on longer distance hikes where i wasnt going to be sleeping in the bush.
the $13 dollar hydration pack beats out the eberlestock mini me in the area of being able to carry more things besides just a water bladder. in that bag im able to carry a days worth of trail food, extra base layers and a flash light in case of an emergency. the only quelm i have with this much cheaper bag is its flimsier material and hence weaker durability.
durability is the main reason why i spent a considerably larger sum to upgrade to the mini me from eberlestock. like the other eberlestock products i own, it is exceptionally well built, and besides being overpriced considering they are made in foreign countries, eberlestock sells well made products, notice i say sells and not makes because they want to sell things made for a pittance and keep the lions share of money for themselves, typical for the new generation of greedy hipster knobs who claim to be patriots but buy/ sell foreign made goods to better line their pockets. and in fairness, ill call out my own hypocrisy by saying i cant bring myself to pay a $1000 for a mystery ranch product just because its made in the u.s.a, they too are greedy bastards and im a cheap fu(%.
anyways, back to my review. like i previously stated, eberlestock buys sturdy well made products for cheap and sells them at marked up prices. the mini is well made and durable. the game bag is a nice addition for carrying additonal hiking gear and or game animals.
where the mini me fails is its overall organization of its compartments and features. ill start off with the sheath designed for the carrying of a long arm with scabbard. a great feature in my opinion, if one is inclined to utilize such a feature. i for one never foresee myself using it, because one, on hikes where i carry a firearm, its a pistol carried in either a chest rig or a hip holster. and as far as carrying a long gun for hunting id just convert my single point sling into a traditional two point sling and carry the firearm across my back where utilization of both hands are needed for traversing inclines or climbing into a deer stand. instead, id keep this feature of being able to carry a longarm with a passthrough scabbard, but incorporate zippers at both the top and bottom of the scabbard slot, so that when not in use to carry a firearm this compartment can be converted for use as additional storage space for other hiking/ hunting essentials instead of collapsed unusable space.
next up for the negatives is the included game bag. a great additonal feature in my unsolicited humble opinion, but with some caveats that make it somewhat of a hindrance. i for one plan on using this feature both for its intended purpose as gamebag when hunting, and for additional storage for things like rain gear or warmer clothes in case of emergency when hiking. where this feature fails is when its not in use. for example, hiking during warmer weather where bringing extra clothes is not needed, or on hikes where being kept out in the elements due to emergency isnt a factor. the internal pouch it folds into is a nice feature, but it takes up space in the main compartment of the pack, limiting any additinal things one would want to carry i.e. snacks, extra ammo etc. instead, the gamebag should have its own seperate compartment at the bottom of the pack that doesnt intrude/ compromise the storage space of the main storage compartment. including this feature in my opinion would only increase the dimensions marginally of an already small convenient hydration pack.
and my final gripe, include a rain sheath to go over the pack for use in inclement weather, and include this with the suggested completely seperate from the main storage compartment gamebag pouch.
all in all, im satisfied with the mini me hydration pack. it has some excellent, all be it, not so well executed features. its ruggedly built, and compact with enough storage to get one through a day hike without leaving anything behind.
if the hipsters at eberlestock ever decide to take my advice, ill surely upgrade my mini hydration pack to the enhanced version, letting them take even more of my money by buying their well made foreign products. hey, its the new american patriotic way.
work union. buy american. live better.
ibew lu 106.