X1A3 Pack
X1A3 Pack
X1A3 Pack
X1A3 Pack
X1A3 Pack
X1A3 Pack
X1A3 Pack

X1A3 Pack

This awesome all-around daypack has legions of hunters who swear by it

Regular price $229.00
Volume: 1500 ci.

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X1A3 Pack Overview

The #1 Weapon Carry Pack Under $199

Capable of carrying a compound bow and full-length rifle at the same time, the fourth generation X1A3 comes with a number of improvements. An exterior front pocket allows you to stash easy-to-access accessories. Tubular side pockets mean you can retrieve your spotting scope without removing your weapons. The large back storage compartment easily holds a hydration bladder and jacket. The latest addition to our best-selling X1 family is the perfect all-around daypack. It’s no wonder why the X1A3 has legions of hunters who swear by it.

Recommended For: 

  • Hunting | Scouting | Bow Carry

Recommended Add-Ons:


  • Improved centerline rifle scabbard holds all types of long guns, from shotguns to ARs
  • Large tubular front pockets form a stable cradle for your bow
  • Updated Ripcord Bow Tether system provides excellent stability & allows you to remove your bow while wearing the pack
  • Full-depth spotting scope pockets
  • Gossamer polycarbonate frame sheet provides extra support for packing heavier loads and is interchangeable with our tubular aluminum Intex frame, so you can customize the fit & function of the pack to meet your personal preferences
  • Vertically adjustable shoulder harness


  • Volume: 1,500 c.i. (does not include scabbard volume)
  • Weight: 5 lbs 13 oz
  • Dimensions: 22"h x 11"w x 9"d

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
well made pack, however.....

very well constructed pack, a lot of good thinking went into this product. however, if you are taller than 6' and weigh more than 225 the waist belt will have to be replaced with a larger one (that they dont offer as an option). The gun scabbard fits a small rifle.. if you want to carry an AR style rifle or a large bolt action gun with modern turret style scope those dont fit well at all. READ the return policy before you buy it!!! to return it will cost you a lots of $$$ and the restock penalty kicks in if you remove any of the tags.. My advice to you is do extra research BEFORE you spend your money... dp


An amazing pack. If you are wondering if it is the pack for you, it is. You will never regret this purchase. High quality, comfortable efficient storage. Makes movement easy and enjoyable.


Just what I was looking for! Thank you

Love it.

Bought it for late season muzzle loading with snow shoes. Perfect!

The almost pack

First, I have (2)....X1A2 and X1A3 ( the A2 is better, IME)
It will almost carry a rifle, without being a PITA to get in and out. It will almost carry a bow without it flopping around everywhere and being hell to don or doff with it. It almost has enough room for its size and weight, if it weren’t for the bow/gun carry gimmicks. It almost has enough organizational pockets, before having to add them to the belt. It will almost carry other bulky or odd shaped items, if it only had better lash points for side carry....you know, because there’s a bow or gun on the back. Seriously, I like Eberlestock packs, but this thing is a plastic Swiss Army knife: it tries to do so many things that it’s actually really good for none of them.