Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt
Polar Mitt

Polar Mitt

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Our Polar Mitts feature everything you need for long days on the hunt in the snow and cold evenings at camp. The waterproof, goat leather, 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulated mitt includes Nomex® fingerless liners,and the fold-down mitten hood provides access to your bow, rifle or when you need maximum dexterity. Our proprietary Hellbender™
(30k waterproof/30k breathable) tri-layer fabric keeps out the elements but remains extremely breathable and flexible while the palm reinforcement resists wear and abrasion from ski and trekking poles.


  • Hellbender™ 30k waterproof/30k breathable shell
  • Fold-down mitten hood
  • Velcro storm cuff prevents wind and cold from getting in
  • Hellbender waterproof, breathable, stretch fabric
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
James B. (Vermont)
Polar mitt

I have not used the mitts yet. Bought them for elk trip this fall. They seem to be well made. At this time I would recommend them even though I haven't used them.

Jim G. (Colorado)
Really Works Well

Was very pleasantly surprised at how efficient these mitts are. Wet heavy snow in a windy wet day and they performed beautifully. Very efficient. Really recommend.

David H. (Texas)
Fits well

It's spring so not a ton of cold weather but they fit and seem like they'll last

Samuel H. (Iowa)
Polar Mitt

I got the biggest size you offered and it's too small to use. It doesn't get over my hands eeasily to put on and take off. It's like pulling teeth to get it on and off. And it's also too small to easily flip the finger flap off. Which is extremely sad because for the most part, I like the design and materials. If my hand was about 50% smaller it'd probably work good. And it's not like I have bear paws. I have larger hands, but they're not freakish or anything. So...I spent an absurd amount of money for a pair of gloves I can't use...

Cole (Texas)
Size Matters

I initially ordered the S/M size mitts because I hate when there’s extra room at the fingertips. Not a problem with these, I could barely get my hands in the S/M ones, so the wife got a surprise pair of mittens and I ordered another set in large and they fit great. They could use a little more “stretch” around the edges of where the mitt folds back so they stick better on the magnets, but as-is they’re still great.

Guy t.w.w.w. (Washington)

I read a ton of reviews on these before purchasing. My main goal was to be able to keep my hands warm and still preserve the dexterity of intermittently using my fingers while wearing them. All the reviews mentioned that they are warm - I can verify this down into the mid 20s at present. Some of those comments follwed up with these mitts being too warm when active - I have only had two opportunities where that has happened, and both were when it started in the low 30s and ended near 40. Really, just exposing the fingers helped to get the hand pocked back down to a non-sweaty temp. Lots of the reviews mentioned the weakness of the magnets. These magnets are not weak, they just need to be aligned. They aren't hidden somewhere in the glove - you can see and feel the dime sized magnets in the finger area and over the back of the hand, if you take the extra second needed to lined them up, there seems to be no issue holding them for me. As for the rest of the quality, fit, and softness of the gloves - i found the many other reviews to cover this just fine. I am very happy with my purchase and have recommended them to anyone else that I know would be willing to pony up the bucks for a good set of convertible mittens.

John S.
Polar Mitt

Very warm and durable! Very pleased