Standard Hip Belt
Standard Hip Belt
Standard Hip Belt
Standard Hip Belt

Standard Hip Belt



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The Standard Hip Belt comes on most Eberlestock packs. It uses a simple hook & loop system to attach to the pack, making an upgrade to the Long Padded Hip Belt or the Padded Hip Belt fast and easy. 

The Standard Hip Belt best fits individuals with a waist size between 28"-42". Individuals with a waist size above 42" are recommended to try the Long Padded Hip Belt. Individuals with a waist between 34"-42" seeking additional padding should purchase the Padded Hip Belt. 

The Standard Hip Belt features two horizontal rows of MOLLE webbing, inward or outward pull adjustment, and a 50mm DuraFlex HD buckle. 

Popular packs that accommodate the Standard Hip Belt include: Switchblade, Bandit, Little Trick, and Jacknife.


  • Weight: 12 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Nolan J. (Idaho)
Hip belt

Couldn’t wait for eberlestock to come out with a forward assist hip belt. When they did I bought one a switched the belt on my f1 and couldn’t be happier.

Magnus E. (Oslo County)
Great stuff

This backpack is one of the best purchases i have ever made. Lots of space, easy to carry. Recomend bying the belt also fore more compfort when carrying.

Ken P. (Washington)
Hip Belt

Great addition to the switchblade Pack!!

ZD (British Columbia)
A great add-on for the H31 Bandit

I bought the Standard Hip Belt specifically for use with my H31 Bandit. The H31 Bandit's combination of efficient layout, excellent ergonomics, & bombproof construction makes it my favourite small backpack. For typical small backpack loads, it doesn't really need the Standard Hip Belt. Adding the Standard Hip Belt, however, can significantly supplement the humble 15L carrying capacity of the H31 Bandit because the belt's additional PALS webbing allows for the attachment of even more PALS-compatible pouches. A properly set up Standard Hip Belt also greatly increases the stability and carrying comfort of a loaded-down H31 Bandit, enough that I can use it in a pinch as a fastpacking/running backpack (of course, a dedicated running backpack is still better for this specific purpose). The one drawback to the Standard Hip Belt when used with the H31 Bandit is that it is quite bulky & there's really no way to stow it so it doesn't get in the way when not in use. Thankfully, attaching & detaching the Standard Hip Belt is easy, so as long as I definitively know whether or not I need it before heading out, this drawback is mostly a non-issue. All in all, the Standard Hip Belt is a great—though not entirely essential—accessory for the H31 Bandit that makes an excellent small backpack even more capable & versatile.


Great quality. I didn’t think the padding would be long enough to fit around my waist, but it works perfectly. I’m 5’11”, 180lbs, and a 33” waist.

danceswithbadgers (England)
Very comfortable. Very good performance.

I purchased the Standard Hip Belt as an accessory to my Bandit pack, intending it for use on difficult terrain with the pack loaded up. Easily attached it adds stability and comfort in such use. The pals webbing is a bit tight but allows for handy pouches to be mounted. I did find the straps a bit on the long side as I need the belt to be cinched in almost as much as possible with a 30" waist and 36" hip. There was really too much excess strap to conveniently stow and I trimmed and them finished the ends. The forward pull to cinch is better than a rearward pull and the belt hugs my hips very comfortably despite its initially rather stiff feel. Although it's possibly a bit overkill for use with the Bandit the belt is compatible with other packs so I anticipate a decent amount of use from it.

Kane (Alaska)
Sturdy A F

I have a Bandit and a Sidekick, this little add on turns either into an absolute workhorse. It’s a serious pain to install or remove, but once it’s in it is fantastic, comfortable, and looks handsome on the coyote colored packs.
Love this company to death. If you actually RUCK or hunt, this is a must.