Intex II 90-Degree Frame, Medium, Mainframe/ X1A3/ X1 Euro/ LoDrag/Operator

Intex II 90-Degree Frame, Medium, Mainframe/ X1A3/ X1 Euro/ LoDrag/Operator



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This frame is compatible with the following packs:

Mainframe Pack

X1A3 Pack

X1 Euro Pack

LoDrag Pack

Operator Pack

The interchangeability of these two frame types fulfills the Intex II modular concept. The basic design of packs equipped with the Intex II is intended to take advantage of the frames superior support, comfort, and load-bearing interface with the human body. But there are times when you may want a flatter or more compressible pack, or a more flexible overall structure, and it is for these reasons that we've developed the Gossamer. 

Once you're equipped with an Intex frame, you'll be able to switch your pack back and forth, selecting a style that best meets the needs of the day.

Weight: 1lb

Dimensions:  24.5"T x 10"W x 8.5"D

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
neill f. (Michigan)
I love this dang thing.

Less bulky than the polymer/gossamer insert, but that sucker is nice too. I like the rigidity it offers and the ability to hang stuff from it. Premium *chefs kiss*

JS (Kentucky)
Rigid and light

Excellent frame for pack. This frame gave me the rigidity I needed for better weight distribution. Easy to install in the lodrag II. I definitely recommend.

Shawn C. (Washington)
Intex frame for X1A3

The frame is a great addition to the X1A3. It allows my favorite hunting daypack to be able to pack out two quarters of a deer and the rack. You could probably get more packed up but that’s enough to get back to the hauler pack. I am happy with the upgrade.

Jeffrey L.
G4 operator

Absolute beast, and a fantastic bag. Super durable and made with quality in mind. I love it. The 90 degree frame makes for a big upgrade I can carry more weight and not feel it pull as hard. I reccomend also.

Ben K.

Really allows you to carry heavier loads and makes carrying a rifle much easier

Richard M.

Intex II 90-Degree Frame, Medium, F1 / X1A3 / X1E / X31 / G4

Joshua H. (Arizona)
Intex 2 90-degree frame

I have a X1a3 pack, and wanted something a bit sturdier for packing out heavy loads... this seems like it will help a lot! Like it a lot!