Skycrane II
Skycrane II
Skycrane II
Skycrane II
Skycrane II
Skycrane II
Skycrane II
Skycrane II

Skycrane II

A modular load bearing system consisting of three primary bags

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The Skycrane II™ is a modular, load- bearing system consisting of three primary bags: The base pack, the removable Little Brother™ and the MultiLid™. A completely scalable system, the Skycrane II is built around a 2,300 cubic inch base pack that employs our patented Cam Expansion System™. Range all the way down to a fanny pack, or up to a 4,475 cubic inch freighter, the Skycrane II can carry whatever your mission requires.


Rifle Carry

Load Bearing

Expedition Pack

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  • Total Weight: 11 lbs and 12 oz.
  • J79 Frame Weight: 6 lbs and 12 oz.
  • G1 Pack Weight: 4 lbs.
  • LP1 Fanny Pack Weight: 1 lb.
  • Total Volume: 4,475 c.i. / 73.33L
  • Dimensions main bag: 24"h x 13.5"w x 8"d
  • Dimensions expanded: 27"h x 26"w x 11"
  • Use our Large Reversible Rain Cover for weather protection

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Richard R. (Georgia)
Awesome Pack System!!!!

This pack system is amazing! All kinds of space, pockets and straps. Lightweight pack that can haul a ton! Little Brother pack has been a great assault pack!

J H. (New York)
Versatile Heavy Hauler

I loaded this up with 65# recently and it carried it very well. I also had some unusually shaped items in it which I wouldn't have been able to pack if not for the wide bay opening and large MOLLE field to strap it down. I swapped the little brother with a set of batwings which zipped in without issue. Being able to dump my tent/sleeping bag/misc heavy items and carry essentials further from camp without a half packed bag was extremely nice.


Love this bag as a medic! I can take the little brother off and attach my aid bag, or attach my aid bag ontop of the little brother.

Dick M. (California)
Bomber Pack!!!

Have not gotten to take this out on any long range trips yet, but has been stellar on all of the ruck runs I have done so far. The most comfortable pack I have used, easy to adjust and plenty of room. Can't wait to load it up and take it out for real!

casey w. (Pennsylvania)
Skycrane ll needs larger flaps

The Skycrane ll is a great bag that is full of top notch craftmanship and well thought out. The top flap and bottom flaps need to be 4" wider on each side to more securely close the bag once it is full of gear. The side bags have a great cover and I suggest using that as the modal for the new top and bottom covers. The side bag covers are the right size and have a top with fabric making a turn down over the bag that covers the whole thing. If I put small stuff in the main bag it will definitely fall out due to the bottom flap being too small.
I just did an 11 mile ruck with 55 lbs in the bag and it was awesome, the belt is great and the shoulder straps are easy to adjust.
Keep up the good work!

Keegan G. (Iowa)
its HUGE!....

This thing is a beast! the side tubes perfectly fit my litefighter tent, sleeping pad and woobie. the other tube has my cook system, MRE, and water for cooking. Having the ability to then dump that extra weight once camp is established and just running the inner little brother is a HUGE plus. So far I'm very impressed!

Jeff W. (Michigan)
Everybody needs one

Everything about the Skycrane II is intuitive and overbuilt. Not sure what else you could do to this one. Seems like it was engineered by a Formula One team for the Special Forces.


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