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A great stand-alone pack with ample 3-day-class storage



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Volume: 2050 c.i.
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Warhammer Overview - The Warhammer is a large, modular military ruck-style pack that offers numerous configurations for various missions. It's built-in Intex frame offers unparalleled support and structure to carry heavy loads and it's design allows the comfortable and secure carry of large, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items. Overall, the Warhammer is the uncontested leader for load carriage, and will efficiently handle whatever may be asked of it. 

The Warhammer features two oversized tubular pockets that zip together in the middle, similar to the best-selling Batwing pouch but much larger and non-detachable. These pockets feature a zippered top-loading option, as well as a full length side-zip option for access. By coming together in the middle, they create a clam shell-like configuration that then will surround gear placed in the middle to be secured using both the vertical and horizontal compression straps. 

Warhammer and Little Brother Integration (EMOD) - The Warhammer's EMOD (Eberlestock Modular System) capabilities allow the integration of the Eberlestock Little Brother (sold separately) to increase capacity, as well as offer the wearer the ability to change configurations as the mission changes. When the wing pouches of the Warhammer are unzipped from each other in the center, the zipper becomes available to now zip in the Little Brother using its own compatible zipper system. Because the Little Brother comes as a fully functional stand-alone pack, it can now be unzipped at any time, giving the wearer the ability to downgrade to just the Little Brother, just the Warhammer, or continue carriage of both packs as an integrated system.

Recent Warhammer Changes - The Warhammer design was altered in early 2021 to add a gusseted side wall for depth when the Little Brother is integrated. The previous Warhammer design restricted the volume of the Little Brother when the Tactical Weapon Scabbard was also integrated. Now, by opening said gussets, the Warhammer wing pockets achieve an additional 3" of depth to allow the Little Brother to expand to full capacity. 

Additional EMOD Options - The Warhammer also comes with the removable FannyTop lid, which is a 300 c.i. lid which can be removed to be worn as an essentials-only butt-pack using it's pull-out waist belt. 

The Warhammer features the Eberlestock scabbard tunnel zippers which can be opened to allow either the Bolt Action Scabbard or the Tactical Weapon Scabbard to be added to the Warhammer system using MOLLE webbing. 


Recommended For: 

  • Military Ruck | Assault Pack

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • 1000 denier nylon exterior
  • Total Volume: 2,050 c.i.
  • Weight: 8 lbs and 8 oz.
  • Dimensions main bag: 21"h x 12"w x 7"d

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
More useful than originally thought.

Despite settling for the multicam due to the other colors being out of stock, I am very pleased with the versatility, comfort, and quality of this ruck.

Being a former Soldier in the U.S Army, I can fully appreciate the thought that went into making this pack what it is; simultaneously comfortable and utilitarian.

I’m able to use it by itself or incorporate my EDC (Switchblade inside the zip-on duffel) into the Warhammer. I can even strap in the Switchblade bag between the expanding “wings” of the bag and then zip on the duffel on top of all THAT. Should I ever need that much room, of course.

It took me several weeks to come to the conclusion that I wanted, needed, and craved a bag like the Warhammer. It’s the pickup truck of bags. The versatility is outstanding. And for it to be comfortable is mind blowing.

My only complaint is that I couldn’t find a decent video review except by some dude in what looked like the Philippines. Couldn’t understand a word, but he really showed off the bag. Shout out to that guy.

Although the the videos on the Eberlestock website are of a very high production value, they don’t show much at all. I would have chosen the Warhammer a lot sooner if Eberlestock had much more information in their videos. Hell, even more detailed pictures would have helped. This goes for all of their products, btw.

Regardless, take it from me. This bag is tits. No wonder it is sold out in all colors except multicam.

Scott C.
Amazing idea but a bit flawed...

I purchased a complete Warhammer system including the J51, the Little Brother, the Fanny Pack Lid, the Spike Duffel, and the weapon scabbard. I ended up returning the entire system as it wasn't great for my needs.

I found that despite having an overall amazing capacity the individual pockets of the J51 and the Little Brother couldn't really fit all my mission critical gear as they were each a bit too small or limited. Likewise a consideration is that when you flare the batwing pouches out for the G1 or duffel you had better make sure you put equal weight in each pack. Not a review here of the G1 but as others have noted thee so-called hydration bladder sleeves don't actually fit the dimension of nearly any bladder including the Source ones Eberlestock sells. As for the Fanny pack it's great but would be better with quick release buckles.

So awesome design and craftsmanship but not suitable for me personlly.

Bradley K.

Love the pack. Still waiting on the military green little brother. Need it ASAP.

Alexis R.
Love this system!!

I also purchased the little brother and it is amazing to lighten the load as a WSL in the Army. On leaders recons I’m able to assist my light infantry guys to take out extra ammo without carrying full ruck. The modularity is amazing!!

Leo S.
Military Review

Recently was in the field for weeks with this pack (J51 Warhammer + Little brother) and was able to comfortable live out of it. I had my overnight items like my tent and sleeping bag in the side pouches and everything I may need throughout the day in the center (Little Brother Pack) this included ACH (helmet) and IOTV (tactical vest; although it was notable difficult to fit however nothing else I know of can do this). Easily the most versatile pack I have ever had and based on the quality so far I expect to use it indefinitely.