Sternum Strap - Replacement Assembly
Sternum Strap - Replacement Assembly
Sternum Strap - Replacement Assembly

Sternum Strap - Replacement Assembly



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Chest strap replacement for Eberlestock packs. 

Please note: this chest strap is not compatible with the Legacy Team Elk or Gunner packs. Max strap length of 18.5"

Limit 2 straps per order (quantities over 2 will be refunded).

Customer Reviews

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For G. (New Jersey)
Works with Gorucks

Bought the sternum strap to use for my Goruck GR1 in Coyote. The Goruck sternum straps were sold out on their website and I didn't want to risk buying an iffy strap on amazon. The Eberlestock sternum strap is slightly smaller than the current Goruck strap and not as beefy/rugged, but I like how it has an elastic section and also a sewn-in strap manager. Tighter clearance during install, but once it's on the GR1, it works fine. Comfortable up to 30-35lbs in GR1, but beyond that the strap may not fare as well as the beefier Goruck strap. Also may not work as well if you are doing events where the pack will be bouncing around and pulling laterally with heavy weights, as it looks like it may not survive the abuse. But for regular day use, and just upright rucking, it works great!

Chris N. (South Carolina)
If you get an Apprentice bag, this is a must have.

I love the new Apprentice bag but it does not come with a sternum strap. Luckily Eberlestock has them available and for a bargain of a price for Eberlestock quality. The elastic section in it makes it far superior to anything you would get from Amazon. My only quibble is I originally ordered a coyote color to go with my dark earth bag and realized it was the wrong color. I ordered another strap in dark earth and I can’t tell the difference from the coyote color I ordered. So either they don’t have a strap that matches the bag or they sent me the wrong one. Doesn’t matter, the strap is so useful, I just use it.

Ryan S. (Maryland)

I know it’s only like $10, but for a $300 pack having a $10 strap fall off so easily and then forcing the customer to replace it is kinda silly.

Pepe (Texas)
Great but

The elastic part is a bit too long, at least for my backpack. It is adjusted all the way to the smallest setting and still a bit long otherwise it be 5 starts. I have an Eberlestock backpack and the chest strap that comes with it, is a perfect fit(shorter). And yes I would buy another if needed

Juan C.R. (Florida)
Works as intended.

Easy to install on the new Apprentice everyday backpack. As with all Eberlestock products, quality is top notch.

James S. (Idaho)
Sternum strap replacement

I ordered new replacement sternum strap for an existing pack to go with a replacement harness the new design is more durable but also allows the possibility to replace the sternum strap in the field.

TREVOR (Arizona)
Fits the Apprentice

I bought this to add to my Apprentice Backpack. Very easy to install, works as it should & is durable. Glad I bought this.