Tactical Weapon Scabbard Cover
Tactical Weapon Scabbard Cover
Tactical Weapon Scabbard Cover

Tactical Weapon Scabbard Cover

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The Tactical Weapon Scabbard Cover can buckle to most Eberlestock packs which feature a built in scabbard, or the modular Tactical Weapon Scabbard to ensure it stays secure and in place while fully enclosing your rifle. 

For packs which do not feature compatible buckles, the Tactical Weapon Scabbard Cover also features a pull-out veil which will tuck into the scabbard itself to maintain security and protection of the rifle. 

Dimensions: 13"h x 9"w x 3"d
Weight: 12 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
G m.
It performs as expected

Interfaced perfectly with my lo-drag pack; this means certain longer weapons (cough, cough, .50 bmg rifles) can be carried without bouncing around or listing to and fro within the scabbard due to their high center of balance.

There’s an inner liner that allows you to extend coverage down to the scabbard, so you can keep things like snow & dust off your rifle.

Tim F.

Haven't used it

David H.D.
Good Piece of Kit

Durable material and I like how it cinches down on the butt of the gun, while being able to accommodates guns of different lengths.

Helder M.M.
Scabbard Butt Cover - Wide

This is a great product and Eberlestock makes the best and finest stuff. No wonder Canadian forces uses their stuff

Ken N.
Scabbard Butt for X31 Low Drag Ii

Just fits the purpose - a suitable cover for your rifle. No fuss equipment. And it stores seamlesly in the backpack when you travle without the rifle.