Hercules Duffel Foam Insert

Hercules Duffel Foam Insert



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The Foam Insert Set for Hercules Duffel is a two-piece custom foam set designed to allow the secure storage of weapons and other sensitive items in the basement compartment of the Hercules Duffel. The set comes with a 1" and a 3" piece to provide bottom cushion when inserts have been cut. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeffery N. (Texas)
Hercules on wheels

I travel a lot and this Hercules Duffel bag is perfect - quality constructed material and adaptable organization is right on the money. I’m glad I bought it and have received compliments.

Steve B.i.f.l.O. (Ohio)
Hercules duffel foam

I added the foam to my duffle to help protect smaller firearms and it’s working great! I can’t wait to organize it with items for an upcoming mountain hunting trip and fit everything in the bag. A great setup that will last me forever!

Paul G. (Illinois)

Easy to shape and snug

T. P. (Texas)
Foam insert is good but could be better

The foam insert is open cell foam. Personal experience with open cell foam is it collects moisture. If you don’t pay close attention to it, you can end up with a weapon with surface rust.
Closed cell foam is a lot better option, more rigid and holds the weapon better. Again, this is my own personal experience with open cell foam in areas where you have extreme temperature changes.
Open cell foam is really soft and pliable. If the bag or case takes a hard hit the foam will allow the weapon to move around, you can look at that as a good thing or bad thing. If you have multiple pieces of equipment cut out in the foam, the equipment can actually make contact with each other when a hard impact strikes the bag or equipment or worse, if you fly, they bag handlers handling the bag are not careful. I have personal seen bags thrown several feet onto the bag cart when offloading the aircraft. I was traveling with a rifle and watched a baggage handler throw my case over 3 feet onto the cart then walk over and stand on my case to put additional bags onto the cart. Without the closed cell foam, my rifle and additional equipment might have been damaged.

Jack R. (Connecticut)
Great bag. Could have been even better.

The bag is huge, so if you are wondering if it will be able to properly contain all of your range gear or kit, it will. It can hold multiple pairs of pants, jackets, my carrier, two belts and my helmet..plus my nods case, ammo case, ammo bag, 10 rifle magazine, plenty of pistols mags, as well as one to two rifles and possible multiple pistols depending on how you pack. Its great. The main thing to remember is that this bag can get very heavy depending on how you pack it. The main things I am not a fan of are, the drag handle that is used while using the roller wheels. This is a nice feature but the handle is soft, not rigid and is in my opinion too limited on length. I believe this would have been the biggest upgrade to the bag. Im not an engineer but I would imagine there is a way of redesigning the handle to have length options and a more robust design. The other downside being the velcro dividers on the interior, they dont stay put very well.

Blake t. (New York)
Great foam inserts

Bought a few for different gear loadouts. Great quality

Jeffrey J. (Ohio)
Foam insert for my Hercules Duffle

Exactly what I hoped it would be and knew that BBB it would be. Once again Thank you for making the best packs and accessories on this planet.

Lead S.-.O. (Oregon)
Updated review

I finally got to use this bag on a trip to Seattle. It did everything I expected it to do and then some. A few things that might be picky. One person mentioned it not standing on its own. This would be nice as I have an older bag from a different manufacturer and it does stand up but this bag is built better. The pockets on the side might be more versatile if they were divided into two equal size pockets instead of three smaller ones. Or maybe three on one side and two big ones on the other side. Just a thought. I will say this trip was during a major storm event that hit California, Oregon and Washington and the bag was on the roof from Eugene to Seattle the entire way. Due to traffic it was a seven hour trip and it dumped the entire way. When I could I drove 75 mph, and with just the rain cover everything stayed dry. I couldn’t expect anything better.

Clarence S. (Utah)
Always Great products!

Awesome products!

Caleb G. (California)
Great for long trips!

Took Hercules to Africa. Allowed me to eliminate having to have a bow case as well as luggage. Rolls good and is big enough for all gear on a long trip.