Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch
Double Threat Pouch

Double Threat Pouch



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The Double Threat Pouch provides reliable and secure storage for your Nalgene or Bugle Tube in a compact MOLLE compatible form. This pouch is the perfect balance of space and value for outdoor enthusiasts who don't want to compromise on organization and convenience.

Weight- 2.5 oz

Top Diameter - 4.5 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tobi W. (Oklahoma)
Worked perfect with my 24 oz water bottle.

My water bottle fit perfect and was easy to get in and out. I really like the way it attached to my waist straps. It was out of the way and was able to hunt without even knowing it was there until I needed to hydrate.

Chris N. (Idaho)
Excellent accessory with one minor downside.

I really like the Double Threat Pouch and recommend it overall, but there is one thing about it I wish was different. It's designed to hold a fairly large drink container, so when I tried to put a regular 12oz water bottle in it I felt like I couldn't get the bottom closed tight enough and was worried the water bottle would slip out the bottom. I ended up buying a larger Nalgene water bottle to use and it fits great, but it sticks out quite a bit so my forearm rubs on it while hiking.

Marco v.d.H. (North Holland)
Multi functional.

The flexible fabric makes this pouch multi functional. The fabric makes it also low profile when empty. A longer version or other sizes wil make this pouch usefull for a unlimited stowing platform.

Dan T. (Wisconsin)
Great accessory

I used it as a water bottle holder on my belt for quick hunts and it fits great on my F1 mainframe as well.

John D.
Awesome little pouch!

Works great for a Nalgene and a bugle tube!

Brian D. (Indiana)

Definitely a great accessory to the F1 main frame. Excellent piece of kit

Chad C. (Montana)

This was the final piece needed for my mainframe pack setup. I like using the normal side pouches for tripod and glassing mat and now I can finally reach my water while walking. The bugle tube holder is clutch as well.

Clay M. (Washington)
Works perfectly 👌

Easy in and out access for your water bottle and bugle