J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II
J79 Skycrane II

J79 Skycrane II

A modular load bearing system consisting of three primary bags

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Volume: 4475 ci.

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J79 Skycrane II Overview

The J79 Skycrane II is a modular load bearing system consisting of three primary bags: the basic J79 pack, the pull-out G1 "Little Brother" pack, and a LP1 removable fanny/courier pack. The basic J79 pack has a fully adjustable, robust internal aluminum/plastic frame system which can be optimized for direct-to-back carry or over-armor carry.

The J79 is a scalable pack system, built around a modular 2300 cubic inch internal frame pack that employs our patented Cam Expansion system. It is reducible all the way down to a fanny pack, and scalable all the way up to a full-scale 8475 cubic inch freighter. The system has a variety of gear compartments and storage spaces that are designed for flexibility, ease of operation, and accessibility.

Recommended For: 

  • Military Ruck | Bug Out

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Total Weight: 11 lbs 12 oz
    • J79 Frame Weight: 6 lbs 12 oz
    • G1 Pack Weight: 4 lbs
    • LP1 Fanny Pack Weight: 1 lbs
  • Total Volume: 4,475 c.i.
  • Dimensions main bag: 24"h x 13.5"w x 8"d
  • Dimensions expanded: 27"h x 26"w x 11"

Customer Reviews

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Sum bag

Being a sailor and fulltime liveaboard for 6 years , I sold my boat to venture from the salish seas in Canada and outbacks all the way home to Ireland and through north africa and more, I couldn't be happier , I trecked 55km along the beach to get last call on beer in morroco , essoaira to get 24 cans of cold brew and 4 bottles of rum before the liquor shops closed for ramadan, I'm happy to say this pack did just that and more. I've used it for work packing tools in and out of concrete jobs took it up mt.toubkal 4167 meters and still little to no wear and with ease...def best buy I made.

Very sturdy construction

The combo and packing options (I added the spike, gun scabbard and duffle) are pretty much endless. This pack is much more comfortable and balanced than my previous pack. Happy trails


J79 Skycrane II


Das beste Tragesystem - und der beste individuell erweiterbare Rucksack. Das Teil ist wie Lego.
Du erhältst zwei Rucksäcke und ein Waist Pack zu eine stolzen Preis - but so what - das ist das Teil wert. Dat Dingens sitz perfekt - für meinen Nutzen perfekt - du bist nich eingeschränkt in einer feste Tasche - egal wie gut diese ist. Daher mehr ein Transportsystem als ein starrer Rucksack - Prinzip Skycrane
Ein Mollesystem anstatt der Reißverschlüsse würde das nochmals verbessern.

Amazing build and quality off the charts!

I bought this as I ruck out and stay 5-7 nights. I shoot RPR .308 w/a scope that is huge. This system (as it's a customizable system) works fantastic to hold the weapon carrier fits right in the pack. On the trail with all your gear, to a light mission pack all carrying your weapon. Thank you for such a great system!