Little Trick
Little Trick
Little Trick
Little Trick
Little Trick
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Little Trick
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Little Trick

Little Trick

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Expandable EDC pack with an edgy, modern-executive style

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The S27 Little Trick™ is a sleek EDC pack with at-the-office style and aesthetics. With two interior sleeves for laptop and documents, it’s perfect for travel. It also features a hidden, quick-access CCW pocket as well as the ability to carry various carbines or long guns in the aft computer / scabbard sleeve. An expandable bottom (up to 23.5”) increases overall volume and lengthens the scabbard, allowing you to customize the pack for load size and weapon length.


CCW Pocket

17" Tech Pocket

Concealed Rifle Carry

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  • Volume: 1012 c.i.
  • Weight: 3.80 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21.25"H x 11.25"W x 7.5"D


  • Rare-earth magnetic openings allow quick access to handgun concealed carry pouches from either side of the pack.
  • Loop-velcro PALS webbing inside allows you to rack either MOLLE- or velcro-backed accessories.
  • Interior pockets for hydration bladder, mags, small item organizers, and more.
  • Detachable harness.
  • MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60% weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes.
  • Ambidextrous concealed holster suitable for most handguns, including full-frame semi-automatics
  • Carbine scabbard for smaller-scale semi autos. Scabbard length = 19” compact mode; 23.5” extended mode.

Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
Little Trick

Excellent product would recommend this to anyone who wants to carry a small firearm or pistol.

Terry F.
Almost perfect

Design and craftsmanship are top notch. Great EDC carry pack with one thing missing. The concealed carry pocket should have Velcro loop to secure a carry holster.

Scott S.
Favorite Back Pack

I wanted the Little Trick after watching the reviews and the video put out at Eberlestock. This bag has lived up to my expectations with the zippers easily use to how compact. I use this bag as my everyday carry and love it. It’s essentially my go bag I leave in my vehicle as a grab and go and resupply bag. Funny story is I was recently on a trip to a mountain area where I was dispersed camping I had two of my five kids with me one was 11 and the other one was 4. And of course, when you are packing up to leave, your 4 year old needs to go number 2, and you have to drop everything to help her. I had put my bag down behind a fallen tree, because I didn’t wanna sit it in the mud next to my jeep. Short story is, I forgot it drove three hours home, and then realized it. I return the following day, finding it still in the same spot and covered in snow. Everything in the bag was mostly dry. So I can say with out a doubt this is my favorite back pack I have ever owned.

Devon G.
Fantastic Bag

Very happy with the bag. Well built and performs exactly as advertised.

Tristen K.
Perfect for everyday!!!

I can carry my work binder my general tools and a good amount of random gear. The concealed back pocket is the best for hiding beef Jerky from your coworkers all round great function and forum

Lea A.
Husband loves it!

I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband. He absolutely loved it and immediately put it to use. This is now his daypack for everyday use.

R K.
Good bag, has some issues

I really do enjoy the bag, but it has some intrinsic limitations. I love the magnetic closure for the EDC compartment, but the ability to add a true holster of some kind (Velcro panel or loops for belt clips, etc) to orient the grip towards the draw side would be a win. It doesn’t hold much - a pair of NoBulls and a sweatshirt completely fills it... and the expansion panel below is more angled and appears to be more oriented to a firearm than storage. There are MOLLE loops inside, but they decrease the internal volume of the bag. I also find that when you flip the top of the bag, the weight in the flap tends to completely unzip the bag, which is a bit of a pain. It may need some sort of secondary fastener or something that will keep it closed unless you intentionally want to fully unzip it. Given the size, the round spinal pads are also a little robust - I feel like I’d be hard-pressed to throw enough weight in it to need that degree of padding.

All in all, it is a good bag that is well constructed out of quality materials… just needs some extra space and refinement.

William Y.

Using the Little trick for travel, the gray/green works well. Second Eberlestock pack. My first is the X2 that I take bowhunting for elk, never let me down and always surprises my hunting buddies on how much meat I can carry out in a single load!

Jason L.
Good pack - but lacking some features

It is not a lightweight pack though it suits my purpose of carrying laptop and documents and carrying concealed. The pouch for CVW does not have any Molle webbing or hook and loop with which to secure a holster. Carrying without any trigger guard is a recipe for disaster. Too many ways for the trigger to get bumped or snagged accidentally. The pockets for carrying a water bottle are not deep enough to carry a larger bottle like a 32oz Iron Flask. The retention draw string is right in line with a draw stroke of pulling from the CCW pocket and I could see where that could snag a trigger. The expandable bottom is a real plus for packing in a SBR which I when I go on a hike or to the farm. Even with those deficiencies it’s still a great pack but I’d be careful about concealed carry without a holster.

Chuck A.
Never fails impress

The little trick is now my third Eberlestock bag. From my switchblade to the bandit, they have done and carried more than what I expected. They have been my go to bags for EDC and travel. The little trick just does a little more and carry’s more for my intent and purposes. It will be my new go to for EDC and traveling. Highly recommended!