A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier
A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier
A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier
A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier
A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier
A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier

A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier

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Variable capacity tactical scabbard

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Our A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier is a unique variable capacity tactical scabbard. It is expandable and collapsible in both circumference and length, the muzzle end is reinforced with Hypalon, has drain ports, and a drag lopp. It fits man-portbale weapons such as sniper rifles, AR-Class weapons, etc.

The A4SS works well as a tactical weapon-sized scabbard for several Eberlestock packs, including the F4M Terminator, J51 Warhammer, F52 Jackhammer, G1 Little Brother, and J79 Skycrane II. It has semi-rigid sidewalls designed to hold the scabbard open when a packs load compresses it, making it easier to insert and extract a weapon. The A4SS also works well as a stand-alone product, either as an excellent gun case or as a snipers drag bag.  It can also be used as the foundation for a minimalist pack: add a shoulder harness and a set of our ACST Accessory Straps, and the A4SS becomes a BackScabbard pack, to which you can add an assortment of pockets and build your own modular pack system. It features grasp/carry handles on the middle edges of the scabbard, allowing easy at center-of-gravity carry of a weapon. Includes a GSTC Butt Cover, to allow you to fully enclose a weapon up to 60" long.


  • Actual weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 36 - 60"L x 12"W (Adjustable Length)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

well made and easy enough to attach to packs. a bit big though.

Tac Wpn Carrier

The A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier easily accommodates my Ruger Precision Rifle. The opening and edges are reinforced and stress points are double stitched. This is a well made product.

Wished I would have purchased years ago.

As my title says, I wished I would have purchased it with my Terminator years ago. I've been using the tunnel in the pack without the scabbard for years and it just didn't really hold my weapon securely and the stock poked attracting lots of attention out and made zipping the top almost impossible, but it worked, albeit not well.

Since I bought the weapon carrier and put it in the pack it made carrying a full-size rifle with large optic, or sbr, much more secure and it also protects the muzzle (when you put the pack down) way better than the pack alone. Very glad the A4SS is now part of my Terminator pack I bought years ago. I've got a much more secure, safe, and lower profile setup to roll with every day now. Hides my rifle completely.

Get one, you won't be disappointed!

Great Pack

The quality of this exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous that my bolt action rifle wouldn't fit. Its got plenty of adjustment and holds my rifle secure. My rifle is 51in long with a 50mm scope and bipod. This is a great scabbard


Disabled VET,... (Infantry) love the outdoors, have trouble fighting with my rifle and walking aids. Would love the operator or one of the larger pack (usually in snow and pack enough gear to survive 24 hours if in trouble.) but just not in the cards for me finically. Now
I don’t need it. This allowed me to pack on a budget. This hooks to any military ruck, even the old Alice’s, found at any surplus store. With built in straps and Velcro, adjustable to fit my rifle firmly to protect it if I fall but can have other application for almost any long gun or can carry without the cap for quick access. Can also be used as a light hand carried rife case for a day at the range. Molle to hook new/modern pouches. Really great quality and worth the money. Would recommend this for both military and civilian applications. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Personal Note: was raised in Star about 35 miles west of Boise so home town company. Another +

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