Triple Wedge Shooting Rest
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest

Triple Wedge Shooting Rest

The Triple Wedge is as close to weightless as a shooting-aid can get

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Filled with just the right amount of polystyrene beads, the Triple Wedge™ is as close to weightless as a shooting-aid can get, yet provides firm support for your rifle. Easy to manipulate, it combines a handy size and innovative ramp shape. By changing the
orientation you choose from three different wedge sizes to get the rough elevation support you need. Hand pressure allows for fine tuning the elevation and shape.


  • Weight: 2.4 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kurt S. (Washington)

Triple Wedge Shooting Rest

K. F. (Washington)
Great product!

Exactly as advertised and high quality. Have used and abused and it is still my go to for any kind of precision shooting.

G2 i.C. (Colorado)
Light Weight Wedge

It is indeed light!! So easy to throw in the range bag and not feel like I added a 5lb dumb bell. Three stars because mine was so overfilled that it wouldnt take any shape and hold the rifle. I see that others have commented that theirs was under-filled and too soft.. So not sure what the "norm" is. I removed filler and made it work for my needs.

MG (Minnesota)
Get your Eberlestock Woobie!

Good addition to main bag. Super light weight with a medium firm squeeze.

Ed (Texas)
Triple Wedge shooting rest bag

Very light weight but solid. As usual, Eberlestock quality is top shelf. Great addition to my range accessories.

Andrew M. (Georgia)
Triple Wedge Shooting Rest

It’s a quality product

Jim V. (Missouri)

I have purchased three (3) of the Hercules Duffel bags. I anticipate purchasing at least one more. The bags are very strong well designed.

steve W. (Georgia)
Tripe wedge shooting wedge

It’s very light and durable, highly recommended

David E. (Ohio)
Great design lost with poor fill material.

I thought I finally found what I was looking for but it's too soft and under-filled. You can squeeze it to help adjust it but it takes too much concentration away from my shot as it's too soft to hold the shape/support. It's about half full of cotton or something so light it falls of the back of my shooting table about every shot. It only weighs 2.5oz. I just wish I could remove whatever's in it and fill with the Fine Walnut Shell Media I use in all my bag rests so I could put the design to use. I have several rests that are too thick or way too thick but this led me to take a canvas/leather top 5"x6"x2" (same size but 2" thick) rest and poor out some fill so I can get the wedge shape I was after and it's firm enough to use with the stock on the right side so it's not sticking out interfering with my hand position on the right side. If the Triple Wedge came filled or unfilled as most and I could fill it, it would be great but the benefit of the shape is lost being too soft.

Manuel B. (Basque Country)

Is perfet for shooting rest