Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu
Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu
Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu
Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu
Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu
Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu
Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu

Šautuvo sauso krepšio mašas su karūnos skydu



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Šautuvo sausmaišis yra itin lengvas šautuvo sausmaišis, jį galima pritvirtinti prie pakuotės, kaip ir kitas mūsų karkasas, naudojant MOLLE juostą. Kiekvienoje šautuvo sauso krepšio pusėje yra nešiojimo rankenos, kad būtų patogu nešti ginklą. Šis sauso maišo dėklas pagamintas iš poliuretanu padengto nailono, todėl jis yra visiškai sandarus, 100 % nepralaidus orui ir vandeniui. Ritinio viršus gali būti susuktas į vidų, kad būtų užsandarintas šautuvas, arba jį galima išsukti į išorę, kad būtų galima greitai pasiekti šautuvą.

Jame yra ARCP karūnos dangtelis, užtikrinantis papildomą šautuvo apsaugą.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
so good I bought a second!

these work perfectly permanently mounted to my F1 Mainframe Packs...
keep weapons or gear dry & lay flat when not needed, simple & effective!

Jason M.
Great for wet weather

Purchased this to use with the F1 frame and Vapor 5000 bag on an Alaska caribou hunt. It was a little difficult to mount it between the frame and bag as the attachment points are not great. It did protect my rifle well in the rain though. Once I was able to get it mounted securely, it worked as intended.

Estevan G.

Great addition to add to main frame... water proof/dust proof ..and crown shield awesome also !

Useful and solid gear as always

Got this to rework into a drag bag, but this would be an extremely useful piece of gear in it's original form. Plenty of material to form an adequate seal, even with a large rifle and optic. Impressed as always.

Leroy G.I.

Will keep rifle dry and is light weight

Great dry bag, terrible scabbard.

The dry bag is well made and works great as a dry bag. It does not attach well to the F1 mainframe without some kind of modification (I used some quick attach molle strips). But because the bag has no padding it does not hold its shape, as soon as you put anything else on the pack it compresses the bag and hold the rifle in place making it very difficult to deploy the rifle while weairing the pack; and even harder to put back after you take it out an th bag compresses farther.

Steven B.
A4DB Rifle Dry Bag & Scabbard

Easily fits any bolt-action, long, or other rifle with any size glass or mods. Perfect for suppressed weapons, and those you want to keep dry. Plenty of extra room to seal out moisture in any climate. Keep your rifle and optics safe. Rifle is easily removed and replaced using any configuration, with or without batwings, large dry bags and other packs, fully loaded or otherwise. There is a lot of extra room for an AR pistol or SBR with bipods, etc., but the crown shield easily folds/rolled down and secures behind, above, or just beneath the top of your setup regardless of the platform. I have the large M1, and it extends about 6” below, which would probably be the same for the mid-size frame due to Alice-type attachment behind the batwings. If you want to keep your weapon dry, and alleviate worry, this is the way to go for long, expeditionary hunts. Gear appears to move if pack setup is minimal or minimally loaded to start, but with some minor adjustments on straps, placement, and other accessories, it rests snug and does not move from side to side, or lean to one side with the distribution of the rest of the weight you’re carrying. There’s also a handle so it can be used independently to carry weapon systems to the field; practical for inclement weather.

Matt S.
Lightweight and Waterproof

I changed out my heavy rifle bag for this and I love it! I use it to transport to the range. It fits my AR with no problem.

Christopher P.
Loyal Customer

I’m always proud and comfortable sporting this brand.