G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack
G1 Little Brother Pack

G1 Little Brother Pack

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Sold as part of our J79 Skycrane II system. A very popular stand-alone 3-day pack

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Volume: 1800 c.i.
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Add Endo Frame

The G1 Little Brother pack is sold as part of our J79 Skycrane II system, and is a very popular stand-alone "3-day" pack.  As part of the EMOD system, it works well with our J51 WarhammerF1 Mainframe, or M1 Carrier packs.  It features an expansion tunnel that allows you to insert any of our side scabbards (sold separately). With our A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier installed, the pack functions much like our G3M Phantom.  The pack features both top-loading and full-front panel loading. MOLLE/PALS webbing fills all useful spaces inside and out. There are two hydration sleeves on interior back wall sized for our 2L or 3-liter bladders. A radio rack on back wall holds PRC-117 class military radios.

The G1 comes with a harness, and a HBSS Hip belt accessory  can be added.  To add structure to the G1, add either an AGIF or AG2S frame, which fits inside the scabbard tunnel (if you're carrying a scabbard in the tunnel, your weapon becomes the frame structure). 

Outside Dimensions

23"L x 12"W x 6"D

Inside Dimensions of Main Compartment

22" x 12" x 6"

Recommended for: 

  • Military 72 hr. Assault | Bug out | Hunt with F1

Recommended Add-Ons:

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  • Volume: Approx. 1800 cubic inches.
  • Weight: 4 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Josiah R.
Great general purpose bag

Love the bag so far. Have yet to put it through any hard paces, but I bought the bag to be my all round backpack. So far it's got two casual weekend trips. Stored my clothes, laptop, toiletries, etc. Love the front duffel zip. And am looking forward to getting a waist belt and using it for short distance backpacking.

Michael R.
Worth the price

Took it for a overnight last weekend in the Susquehannock NF and it fit like a glove even with all the superfluous junk that I packed in it.


Excellent pack!! Another great product by Eberlestock

Ralph R.
Little Brother Rocks

I like all the new changes to the Little Brother and have been waiting a while before buying one. I like they kept full webbing on the sides and reduced weight by using the laser panel on the front and 1/3 webbing on top. The Arched zipper track makes a huge difference over the older design that has tight corners to navigate. My primary purpose for this pack is to use with the F1 Mainframe. Very comfortable and built like a tank.

Excellent and thoughtful improvements have been made over the older design, however I wish there had been a couple more changes. First I would have included a rear set of zippers to mate with the F1 or M1. I do use mine with the bat-wings occasionally so I would prefer to have both front and rear tracks for more options. There is the ability to stuff unused zipper track into the bottom corner openings gets rid of the dangling ends when not in use. Second the radio shelf is still the older style with net and straps which could have been replaced by the loops and optional utility panel. I use this option in the Kite pack when centering and securing awkward loads and it works well for me. Glad they kept the grab handle!

This is a modular pack with a great pedigree and the improvements are appreciated. I like the narrow profile which works well for my terrain and I can add bat-wings when I need to carry more. This is my sixth pack from this company and they are all very well executed and durable. I use one every day and highly recommend their products.

Owen M.
Fantastic Medical Jump bag

This is not my first and it sure won't be the last pack from Eberlestock. It is incredibly comfortable and enjoyable to bring with you into the backcountry. I use it as my wilderness EMT pack, and it has yet to fail me.