V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship
V90 Battleship

V90 Battleship

It's a conventional class backpack with unconventional features

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Volume: 6100 ci.

Watch the in-depth pack overview video below.

The V90 Battleship is a big, pack-all-you-can-carry-and-go-someplace backpack. Its a conventional class backpack with unconventional features.

For its scale, this pack is exceptionally light weight. We've carefully chosen new materials that give the optimum balance between high strength and light weight, and arranged them very cleverly, if we do say so ourselves. Every feature and detail has a purpose, and many of them have multiple purposes.

Includes full rain cover, which stows in a pocket on the bottom of the pack. Compatible with either WXP3L or WX2L hydration bladders (two bladder compartments; one on each side of pack).

"V3" packs include a new floating fanny top pack lid.

Recommended For: 

  • Military Ruck | Adventure | Backpacking

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Total Volume: 6100 c.i.
  • Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz
  • Dimensions main bag: 36"h x 14"w x 11.5"d

Customer Reviews

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I did some modification

Some user feedbacks on V90 Battleship from Eberlestock.
I think I have been using this backpack for 3 years. It's a great pack. I love the large volume, seperate compartments and the frame system for carrying heavy loads. There's a lot to like AND there were some errors too I didn't like.

The width of the shoulder straps are not same. The left shoulder is 6 cm(2.362 inches) and the width of the right shoulder strap is about 7 cm(2.756 inches). It's a production flaw but is it really big of a deal? Not so much. I feel no difference on my shoulders.
I think for shorter torso users, the Eberlestock shoulder harness on this pack doesn't create good load lifter angle. (I don't even think my torso is much shorter than any male grown ups. FILBE and ALICE pack fit me fine.) So I had to modify the shoulder harness to get good 45° load lifter angle by using extra straps and buckles laying around.
The shoulder straps are small, thinly padded. They are relatively comfortable and of course 90% of the weight is going to rest on your pelvis but for the utmost comfort, it should had been more padded and a little wider.

For the massive size of the pack, the shoulder straps are too small. They are like G string for an elephant. 😂

I hope the lumbar pad on this pack had been thicker like the one on my Halftrack pack. The pack tends to slide down to my bums with heavy loads so I hooked up additional non slip pad for the lumbar region.

And the lid of the pack was not detachable unlike any other backpacking packs out there. I cut off the excess material and replaced buckles and hooked up a strap. It's a great go bag and works just fine as lid of the pack. 👍

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Cheaped out on molle straps

Molle webbing got narrower and less robust. Weight remains the same as the older model.

Phenomenal Product

I've been using Eberlestock packs since 2010 when I was deployed to the Southern Philippines. I started with a Halftrack Backpack which I used as a medical pack. Even though it would have been nice to have individual packs or things I could have linked inside the pack it worked great because it is durable as hell and you can put it through anything! I still have that back and use it as a bolt bag for my medical gear.

Even though it's a military pack, I decided to buy the V90 Battleship as my hiking/camping back because I know how tough they are. I've packed this up with gear and food and hiked 10 miles back into the Uinta Mountains for days and I've never had an issue with it. You won't find a better product! I'm planning on buying S27 Little Trick to use as my every day carry while I finish my master's degree here in the next two weeks or so. Just have top pay off Christmas first. Trust me though, if you are on the fence, don't be, you will never regret buying from Eberlestock.


V90 Battleship

Good product!

Tons of room. The one drawback I have is that the Front zippered flaps look less durable that I expected and with the molle loops on them ( I say loops because it’s not webbing) do not appear to be able to hold much weight. I would be wary of trying to put a couple of quick access molle bags on them. Having said that, I have not put anything through the molle loops to see. With full load-out, the pack feels great once it’s on your back and incredibly light.