G4 Operator
G4 Operator
G4 Operator
G4 Operator
G4 Operator
G4 Operator
G4 Operator
G4 Operator

G4 Operator

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The ultimate scout/sniper pack

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Volume: 4700 ci.
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Gossamer Frame

G4 Operator Product Overview

The G4 Operator is the ultimate scout/sniper pack. The scabbard folds into the bottom of the pack when not carrying a long gun, and the remaining space is an excellent load bay for things as diverse as laptops, satcom gear, mortar rounds, and PRC-117 class radios. System includes a GSTC Butt Cover for the scabbard, and a pull-out rain cover sized for the full pack. The G4 features two front-loading compartments, which can be use as a combined space if bulkier items are being carried. Other features include multiple exterior pockets, a "floating" removable LP1 Fanny-Top go bag, and the Intex II tubular aluminum frame.

The frame on the G4 Operator is interchangeable, we offer 3 additional frame options that are available for purchase. 

NSN# 8465-01-571-0495

Recommended for: 

  • Military Ruck | Bug Out

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  • Pack Volume: 4,100 c.i.
  • Scabbard Volume: 600 c.i.
  • Total Volume: 4,700 c.i.
  • Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz
  • Dimensions main bag: 27"h x 12"w x 10"d
  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 10"W x 3"D, with a 26" circumference opening

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Excellent products

This bag offers impeccable functionality! Designer took every advantage of space. I would highly recommend this bag!

Great Bag

Best military pack I ever owned

Great quality pack

Love the pack! Can’t wait to put it to use on some camping trips!

G4 operator pack

This really is the be all end all multi-day pack. So sturdy and robust. I have the F5 and the little brother as well as the Hercules duffle..I have tried many other brands and always come back to Eberlestock

Game Changer

Completed first 12 mile march with the Operator today. I usually get bad neck/trap pain and rubbing on my sides to the point I’m bleeding while rucking 12s with the army issue ruck. The difference was night and day. Incredibly comfortable with 55 lb load in the back. No residual upper body soreness afterwards like I am used to. The pack is big enough to replace a full size army ruck but is built in a way that it also fills the need for a medium load out the way all the straps adjust. Looking forward to getting out in the field with it. Very impressed with the amount of thought that went into the design. I watched the lay out video and I think they forgot some features which was a great surprise when I unpacked it. Just a very well designed and comfortable pack.