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Minimalist, lightweight rifle pack



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Volume: 1400 c.i.
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The H2 Gunrunner™ is a minimalist, lightweight rifle pack with our patented Backscabbard™. This pack is designed for hands-free hunting and quick access to your rifle, and has just the right amount of stowage for a day’s outing. The top compartment is a good size for rangefinders, calls, etc., and the main compartment is sized for a day’s worth of food and clothing. The Gunrunner is ideal for upland bird, tree stand, or a lightweight Western day hunt.

Recommended for: 

  • Fly Fishing | Rifle Carry | Horse Hunting

Recommended Add-Ons:


  • Built in rifle scabbard
  • One vertical and one horizontal compression strap
  • Pack Volume: 1,000 c.i.
  • Scabbard Volume: 400 c.i.
  • Total Volume: 1,400 c.i.
  • Weight: 3 lbs and 8 oz.
  • Dimensions main bag: 18"h x 9.5"w x 7.5"d
  • Scabbard dimensions: 34"L x 7"W x 3"D, with a 20" circumference opening

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Barry H.
More than I bargained for…

I bought this pack for my son for Christmas. He wanted an Eberlestock pack with the scabbard and I had a budget… so the Gunrunner what’s it. WOW! Plenty of room in the compartments, great material, perfect fit for his tactical style rifle, even a tripod carrier. He loved it. We don’t have to carry a long way to hunt in our area, but the scabbard makes it pain-free and hassle-free to carry. Plenty of room for binocs, water, and all the accessories. Great pack. No complaints, so far. Thanks Eberlestock.

Brad E.
Gunrunner Pack

Great pack, great quality, I could not be happier with this pack!

Brent R.
Best pack

Perfect pack for calling coyotes, couldn't be happier !

Monty J.
Gunrunner review

I’ve been eyeballing this pack for a couple of years. Already have the Euro and I tend to just load it up too heavy because it has the space. Hope downsizing will limit me to need less!

Wes L.
Maybe my new goto pack

I have not been out with it yet, but in my hands, it seems very well made and thought out. My AR pistol disappears in it.

Tim W.
Gunrunner review

Although I have not had a chance to put it to the test in the field, I am super happy with the fit and finish of this unit. I like the layout of it and the amount of stuff I can get into it. My rifle with a bipod attached slides in and out of the rifle holder part with ease which was one of my major concerns. I am excited to put it to the test next year on my hunt.

Ronald S.I.
Top Quality, Tough, Well Stitched Backpack

This thing is great. My first purchase. If the quality holds out, I couldn’t imagine buying another brand. Brian from VA

Cole W.


Brandon J.
Ultimate day pack

I have always said how far could you go if all you was packing was a gun and water and the option to pack out a deer here it is only negative is my AR don’t fit in the pack not wide enough need couple inches

G M.
H2 - I waited much too long to get it

A friend of mine bought one for a Wyoming trip some years ago. He used it as a travel bag and his field carry. I had an immediate hankering for it that wouldn’t go away. So my wife got me the next size up, the forerunner to the X1. That’s a great pack, and not what I wanted. “Just use it” she said. I did, but it was overkill for my needs. I mean heck, I’m only gonna be gone 3-4 hours…. 8 at the most. I don’t need to load out like the French Foreign Legion.

I finally ordered the H2 that I wanted and I’ve been using it the past few weeks. This is the pack that I wanted and I should have gotten it sooner. Lite weight (empty) but very well constructed. It’s a minimalist pack but not to the point of being just a rifle transporter. Early season, or late, it should handle all your needs (or you’re probably carrying the kitchen sink). The belt is sized down to be proportional to the pack, something that I appreciate. If you want a bigger belt, you can put one on, but that’s flies with a sledgehammer I think. The larger belt is awkward in a stand or in tight quarters. I can’t make any recommendations for changes to this one that couldn’t be reasonably argued against. A lot of thought went into the design and it shows. Right now, between hunts, it’s serving as my rifle case. I haven’t yet brought my ebike into rotation this hunting season but I’m interested to see how the H2 works for me on that front.

Young or old, we don’t know how many times we’ll be allowed to charge the mountain. If you know that there’s a piece of gear that you’ll use and you’ve got the coins, just get it and get out there. Tools are meant to be used.