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Garai 5000

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Mūsų lengviausia užmiesčio medžioklės sistema. Suderinamas su F1 pagrindiniu kompiuteriu.

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Vapor 5000™ yra vidutinio dydžio mūsų itin lengvųjų serijų, kurios talpa 5000 kubinių colių. Sukurta specialiai F1 Mainframe™, „Vapor“ serija yra mūsų universaliausia ir lengviausia pakuočių sistema.

Išorinės funkcijos apima pailginto gylio elastines kišenes gėrimų buteliams, stebėjimo taikiklius, trikojus ir kt. Centriniame priekiniame skydelyje naudojama ta pati 140D dvipusė tampri medžiaga, kad būtų sukurta kišenė su užtrauktuku daiktams, kuriuos reikia greitai pasiekti. Kamufliažas naudoja 450D aramido sustiprintą ripstopą, o vientisos spalvos turi 500D nailono ripstop konstrukciją. Nuimamos Duraflex HD 25 mm sagtys leidžia išplėsti pakuotę nuo rėmo ir sukurti kanalą mėsos maišams ar sunkiems kroviniams gabenti arti kūno ir svorio centro.

Hydration Carry

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  • Tūris: 4 675 c.i.
  • Svoris: 2,05 svaro
  • Matmenys: 37H x 12W x 12,5D6


  • 140D dvipusis tamprus audinys (priekinė kišenė su užtrauktuku / šoninės atviros kišenės)
  • 450D aramidu sustiprintas Rip-Stop (camo parinktys)
  • 500D Nylon Rip-Stop (vientisos parinktys)
  • Poliuretano vandeniui atspari danga
  • Nuimamos Duraflex HD 25 mm sagtys
  • YKK užtrauktukai

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Matthew G.

Great pack. I look forward to taking it on a moose hunt in a couple of months.

Adam R.
Bucket lid too

I bought the bucket lid also…. There are times when I am super happy with your products….. the other times tho, it baffles me how something could be designed sooooo bad. How in the fiddly fuck am I supposed to mount the lid to anything with the dumbass mounting straps included. Literally anything…. Worst mounting system for the lid you could have ever made. You can do better. The vapor 5000 is nice tho.

aaron d.
Vapor 2500

Great quality and super light!

Nicholas M.

I bought this bag for a 5 day trip and it had plenty of room. Durable and appears it will hold up well on future outings.

Lawrence S.

Too early to tell. Contact me After Colorado #rd rifle season. However initially it looks perfect to fit my needs this fall elk hunting.

Aran M.
Perfect versatility

Great product for elk hunting

Thomas N.
Vapor 7500

Just what I need for a 5 day Backpacking Elk Hunt, plenty of room for everything but cinches up tight to keep things from moving around.

Jason B.
Great bag

Excellent construction. Good size for a 4-5 day hunt/pack trip. I also have the 7500 cc bag which is much larger and able to do any pack/hunt trip I throw at it that is going to have a substantial amount of time out in the wilderness.


Just had my first scouting trip with this bag.
I loaded everything needed for a comfortable, long weekend for my lady, dog and of course myself. There was room to spare.
Water is the heaviest thing you carry. Sleeves and hanging straps for 2 - 3 liter bladders in the center of the pack against the frame would be great.
A more efficient way to connect the Multilid. I bought the Multilid because of the lack of a dedicated lid. It simply doesn't work on this pack in any way that I can figure out. If it does, directions on attaching it would be great.

Bill D.
Best packs made hands down

Just purchased my second Eberlestock pack. as always a well built product. Comfort and versatility is what sold me on Eberlesock. Will never hunt again without one on my back. AMAZING PACKS !!!!!!!!!!