MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis
MultiPack priedų maišelis

MultiPack priedų maišelis

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Multipack™ susideda iš 10 kišenių, pradedant nuo šoninių kišenių su sagtimi, kurios puikiai tinka GPS, vėjo detektoriui ir kitiems panašaus dydžio daiktams. Pagrindiniame skyriuje yra vidinė kišenė su užtrauktuku ir 5 įvairaus dydžio elastinės kišenės.

Multipack buvo sukurtas tvirtinti bet kur, kur yra MOLLE diržas, tačiau jį taip pat galima pritvirtinti prie krūtinės ląstos diržų, naudojant 20 mm sagtis, kad būtų galima savarankiškai dirbti ant krūtinės.


  • Bendri matmenys: 6 colių aukštis x 10,5 colio plotis x 3 colio skersmuo
  • Pagrindinės kišenės matmenys: 6 coliai x 8 coliai x 3 coliai skersmens
  • Svoris: 8 uncijos

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
MultiPack Accessory Pouch

One of those things you didn't know you were missing out on until you finally get it - frees up jacket, shirt, pants cargo pockets making long treks just a bit more comfortable. I use my MultiPack Accessory Pouch primarily for admin kit - compass, map, protractor, GPS, phone, small light, grease pen, facepaint, knife, multitool, fire-starting, batteries, and other EDC items ...even chew and/or jerky for the trail. Super convenient and no stopping to dig in pockets. Perfect for any mission loadout - Recce, DA, OP, hunting, foraging, training, leisure, etc. Definitely a must-have.

Nathan P.
Nice Pouch, Solid Construction

I wanted this pouch for my edc while riding my mountain bike. Works great for what I wanted. Would be nice if it had a quick access side seam similar to the top center magnetic access on their Undercover Brief. Even so, the large zipper pulls makes access fairly quick and easy.

Cameron S.
Great bag

Another fine product, well made, and I like the nice easy working zippers. These guys do not disappoint.

Gilbert Y.

Awesome build quality will buy again for another pack

Jonathan H.
Good addition to any bag

I added two of these to my M5 waist belt, and they are the perfect size to go there. I keep my range finder in one, and a .45 in the other. Works amazing for keeping the things at hand you want to have at hand, and not overload your bino case.

Brian R.
Great product

As with all I have purchased this pouch is exactly as advertised. Great quality and fits both by mollie and the chest harness. Recommend if you need extra storage.

Morgan B.
Multipack x 2

Completes the enhanced hip pad of the M1 mainframe. I use it for modular storage IFAK and survival equipment. I roll heavy with a full backpacking bivouac on the frame and once I down load the pack and make camp I still have the essentials for moving light with the multipacks and multilid attached to the frame. Works great.

Steven R.
Great product

I am very impressed with the pouch! It is currently being used as a med kit & I can’t be happier side pockets fit tourniquets perfectly. Small pockets inside are great for first aid bandages. Zippers are sturdy. Lots of options for carry & hanging up in the truck with the Molly & buckle system! 10 out of 10.

Mark B.

Works great on my M5 waist belt for items like my phone and gps

Glenn R.
Handy little pounch

I've used the Accessory Pouch to carry my calls, accessories and small gear for turkey hunting. The pouch is nicely padded, which protects the calls and all the interior pockets keep things from banging together. I struggle to find a use for the two exterior pockets on each side. Too small for a water bottle, I'm not sure what they're intended for -I stuff a spare set of gloves and an orange safety marker in them. Well-made item, and great that I can strap it to my pack, my belt or hang next to me to keep things close at hand.