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Parduodama kaip mūsų J79 Skycrane II sistemos dalis. Labai populiarus atskiras 3 dienų paketas

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G1 Little Brother™ yra puikus atskiras 3 dienų paketas, kurio papildoma nauda yra suderinama su mūsų J51 Warhammer™ ir mūsų EMOD™ sistema. Išsiplėtimo tunelis leidžia įdėti bet kurią mūsų šautuvo makštį, kad galėtumėte nešiotis šautuvą be rankų. G1 turi tiek iš viršaus, tiek iš priekio pakraunamą, lengvą lazeriu pjaustytą ir tradicinį MOLLE, taip pat kišenes drėkinimo pūslėms, todėl „Little Brother“ yra puiki pakuotė vidutiniam naudojimui.

Pagrindinio skyriaus vidiniai matmenys
22" x 12" x 6"

Hydration Carry

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  • Tūris: 2137 c.i.
  • Svoris: 3 svarai 14,4 uncijos
  • Matmenys: 24,5H x 11W x 8D6


  • Pakraunama iš priekio ir iš viršaus
  • Suderinama su šautuvo makštimi
  • Dvigubo drėkinimo šlapimo pūslės rankovės
  • Vidinis PRC-117 radijo stovas

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Mike F.
Great pack

This replaced my old Blackhawk 3 day assault pack (our supply just ordered them, which I still had. those were trekked through the mountains in assramistan the zipper had eventually ripped. This is obviously much better gear than those were.

paul r.
Close but no cigar

Its a nice pack but a few things drop this out of my line up. Definitely not a good 3day pack, maybe a light overnighter. The weight cutting thin molle don't hold securely. The bottom molle panel is small. The pocket behind the front laser cut molle field intrudes into the pack. The small molleon the interior is again the thin stuff. It just doesn't hold a pouch as securely as full molle.

Konrad S.
Very content

Great little assault pack when stand alone but also a great supplement to the war hammer pack I use them all together as a ruck that I am very happy with.

Chris E.
Little brother is big awesome

I paired the little brother pack with a F1 frame and two bat wings. I wish it secured to the frame better but i made it work. I am a travel nurse and i put 6 sets of scrubs, caps, skivvies, and socks in. Batwings hold four rolled up towels. Top bag holds athletic socks for the gym. I’m using a top lid for gym clothes.

Lemaire D.
Trekking pack

Little Brother is a great multipurpose bag, I managed to attach "Batwing" to it with the help of Eberlestock. Many thanks.
I recommend it for your trekking outings accompanied by these 3 Liter Hydration.

Everett C.

Have used it daily for a few weeks now and for myself it's the perfect 72hr pack.

Kevin H.
Little Brother pack.

Great pack with lots of room and MOLLE webbing inside and outside.

John S.
Great assault pack

Eberlestock stock makes some high quality packs. This is the 2nd pack
I purchased 1st bandit. That's why I give this pack 4 star. I hoped the little brother had the same top pouch/clamore pouch as the bandit. Would have been a 5. There no padding which would make the pack stiffer. Will be purchasing the big trick next.

pretty good ..

I like the pack. Quality / construction is top notch. Design needs a little work.

First, stand-alone it should have an admin pocket for organization similar to "those other guys'" Rush series. I carry a spare knife with a clip, flashlights with clips, pens, etc. Having little pockets / sleeves within a pocket would be a useful improvement.

Second, when I attach the Little Brother to my F1 Mainframe with the zippers, the fit is too tight, the Little Brother can't be used to carry anything, it has to be hauled empty. I can use the buckles to attach the Little Brother but then it flops around, moves, and makes noise like the Mystery Ranch Pop Up 28 that I was trying to replace with this pack.

So .. good, but you have a ways to go to reach perfection.

A V.
Excellent Pack

I chose this over a few others out there in its size range due to the abundance of webbing, relative lightness as advertised, and the modular possibilities, which should allow some adapting it for different tasks and trips. After having it for a few weeks and taking it on some trial runs, this will work out well as I had hoped. The fit is good, though not super adjustable (for reference I am 6'2" and 215lbs) and the pack is light for how durable it is. The comfort level is excellent over the moderate distances that I have covered so far - and I can tell that it will work just as well for the much longer ones I have coming up this summer. I currently run fairly light loads in it, not more than 35lbs, and the pack as is works great. I would definitely add one of the two frame options to it if I went any heavier, though the pack body itself would have no problem. All in all an excellent pack and a super value for the price.