Gossamer G tipo rėmelis
Gossamer G tipo rėmelis
Gossamer G tipo rėmelis

Gossamer G tipo rėmelis

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Gossamer rėmas sukurtas taip, kad papildytų mūsų pakuotes, turinčias Intex II vamzdinį rėmą. Šių dviejų rėmų tipų pakeičiamumas atitinka Intex II modulinę koncepciją. Pagrindinis paketų su Intex II dizainas skirtas išnaudoti puikią rėmų atramą, patogumą ir laikančiąją sąsają su žmogaus kūnu. Tačiau kartais jums gali prireikti plokštesnės ar labiau suspaudžiamos pakuotės arba lankstesnės bendros struktūros, todėl būtent dėl ​​šių priežasčių sukūrėme „Gossamer“. Pagamintas iš polikarbonato su vertikalios ašies standinimo kanalais, Gossamer suteikia idealų vertikalios atramos ir sukimo lankstumo derinį. Jis yra gana tvirtas ir pranašesnis už polietileno karkaso lakštus, kurie sudaro daugumos vidinių rėmų paketų pagrindą. Taigi, „Gossamer“ yra paprastas ir našus būdas konvertuoti „Intex-II“ komplektą į tradicinį vidinį rėmo paketą.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
John S.
Wish I purchased with pack

I bought the little brother pack about a month ago. Should have bought this frame with it. Gives more stability &structure. Well worth the money.

Cody W.
Gossamer G-Type Frame Large on the Little Brother Pack

Fitment is great extremely light weight. It says 10oz but it feels more like 4oz. Just the right amount of torsional twist but still ridgid. Should have bought one a long time ago.

Ryan C.
Gossamer frame

I used the large frame for a G1 little brother. Makes the bag so much more comfortable to carry when it’s loaded down heavy. Definitely recommend

Kevin P.
Stiffens it up

Great option to stiffen G-1

Tyler F.
Perfect addition to the Little Brother

Wish I bought this a long time ago. The G1 is big enough to hold a ton of weight, then removable frame is perfect.

Miguel D.A.
Gossamer Frame for G1 little brother

Bought this frame for my G1 little brother pack, and it definetly makes a difference in the stability of the pack. Only downside to the frame is that if you want to integrate your g1 little brother pack with other modular systems like the J51 warhammer or the F1 mainframe, you pretty much have to take the frame out every time to get stuff to fit properly.

Siarhei K.

Very cool stuff.

Tyler H.
Great Support

bought this to put in the g1 little brother and it makes a world of difference. Currently run the g1 with the mainframe with 3 outdoor research compressible dry sacks between the two. Couldnt be happier with the current set up for backpacking in michigan. Cant wait to test it out in the fall for deer season. Always impressed with eberlestock products!

Sancho S.
Excellent Product!

One of four excellent products I purchased to get me back outdoors. Everything I needed in one place with awesome Customer Service!

Definitely makes the G2 an EDC bag

I’m not the type of guy that carries a backpack daily or even more than a couple times a month for trips and hiking. if you are that type of guy that does EDC a lot of stuff and doesn’t want to stand out as much, the gossamer frame sheet is a must. Definitely makes the bag stand out a lot less with no/minimal rigidity loss. I don’t see myself putting the aluminum back in unless I’m carrying a very heavy load. Most likely I would do that in my G4 anyway. Long story short, if you don’t want the bag to stand out as much, Especially if you have the scabbard folded, I personally would get the frame sheet.