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Eberlestock F53 Tomahawk yra ilgo nuotolio paketas, kuriame nėra neesminių funkcijų, todėl yra švarus ir efektyvus universalus krovinių vežėjas, sveriantis 8 svarus. 2 uncijos. Jo be lentynos „Intex II“ rėmas sujungia geriausias vidinių ir išorinių rėmų charakteristikas, todėl „Tomahawk“ suteikia išskirtinį komfortą ir našumą.

Nors „Tomahawk“ yra pašalintas, jis vis dar turi daug funkcijų. Plaukiojantis dangtelis veikia kaip nuimamas krepšys. Kiekvienoje pusėje yra butelių laikikliai, viso ilgio šoninės kišenės ir greitai sudedamos rankovės. Į pagrindinį skyrių galima patekti per audros apykaklės viršų arba greitai patraukiamas priekines dureles. Viduje yra Nylex galinė sienelė (15"x11"), kišenės ir EMOD prijungimo jungtys.


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Our Story


  • Volume: 3,938 c.i. / 64.53L
  • Weight: 7.75 lbs


  • Low profile Intex II frame
  • Laser-cut MOLLE panel
  • Plush padded shoulder harness
  • Floating lid that doubles as a removable fanny pack go-bag
  • Quick drain bottom for amphibious operations
  • Spade shape zipper front for quick access
  • EMOD / Hookup compatible
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Use our Large Reversible Rain Cover for weather protection

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Very impressed.

The pack, a Tomahawk, is extremely well made. Not even comparable to my modified lrg Alice pack I've used for ages, and even beats out TT Malice packs I've carried. Only complaints are the plastic buckles on the shoulder straps, and the fact that Eberlestocks "mil. Green" is different from every other manufacturers green. Small complaint, but my horde of various green pouches look odd on this pack. Great pack, worth the money.

Nicholas R.
Eberlestock Tomahawk

This is my first hiking/rucking pack. The build quality is outstanding. The fully adjustable padding and shoulder straps are very helpful to achieve that perfect fit. 10/10 and have already recommended it to friends.

Jeremy S.

Great pack. Large but not too big! Made it my truck bag. Helmet straps in perfect right on top.

Bryce A.M.
Great for the field

As an 11B I can deeply appreciate the modular design of the Tomahawk. I can adequately say that I have never had an issue fitting all of my gear for the field.

Alec B.

Great pack. Fits comfortably and has more space than I know what to do with right now. Looking forward to the next camping trip I have.

Chad B.
Wrong bag color

Mix up on right bag type, still working on getting the right one but they helped

Mason M.
F53 Tomahawk

Things about this pack I love, the structure is simple and makes sense, the zippers and the barn door/front panel are made well, the detachable tac-fanny, The hidden pockets are easy to get into, the lumbar pad is effective. So far the F53 suspends weight nicely. I am a competitive shooter and sniper section leader, I will testing the durability soon!

I like it but it needs improvement.

So I received my Tomahawk about two weeks ago to replace my Halftrack, as the Halftrack is too small for my current needs. The Tomahwak is a great looking pack with some great features and issues. I bought mine in Dry Earth because Multicam was sold out.

The Pros of the Tomahawk are:
1. Wider and deeper than the Halftrack. Packing my gear is so much more easier than with the Halftrack with the room to spare. It's the right size for an autumn camping trip and I can save my Army issued Large Rucksack for really cold Winter trips when I need to carry extra gear.
2. It carries heavy loads fairly well. I've done several hikes for several miles with about 38 lbs loads and it feels relatively good. My lower lumbar area always feels good but my shoulders are tired. However, to be honest any pack may make your shoulders tired after awhile, so that's just a side comment more than a real complaint.
3. The removable Fanny Top is very spacious which does a great job holding my fire starting kit and cordage with room to spare.
4. It still has the same long side pockets just like the Halftrack, which is great, but see below for caveats.

1. It's about 8 lbs and very sturdy but that's a pro and a con. I like the overall sturdiness and support of the INTEX II frame but in the summer heat I feel every ounce of that pack on me.
2. The Fanny Top will not stay in place. The only way to keep it mostly on the top is the pack needs to be stuffed. If the pack is not stuffed the Fanny Top slides down the pack and exposes the upper pack to the elements.
3. The single strap system and lower beaver tail/flap is a mess. So there is one strap on both the left and right frontside of the pack that goes from the beaver tail to the Fanny Top. Once the buckles are released the beaver tail just falls open spilling any contents that may have been held in place there. This is messy and annoying. This system should be redesigned or abandoned all together in place of a conventional PALS webbing system at the bottom of the pack.
4. The rain cover can't be used while attached to the rain cover loop inside the rain cover pocket.
The beaver tail design does not allow the rain cover to be deployed while attached to the rain cover pocket loop. You must detach the rain cover from the rain cover loop, reattach the the male beaver tail buckles to the female fanny top buckles, then attach the rain cover to the outer part of the pack. OR pull the rain cover attachment loop through a laser cut MOLLE slot then attach the rain cover to the loop and pull over the pack. UGH!!
On my Halftrack I just unzip the rain cover pocket, pull out the rain cover and slide it out over my pack. Easy.
5. Water Bottle Pockets at the bottom of the pack should be expanded. Like all Eberlestock packs, if you use the long side pockets, you can't use the Water Pottle Pockets and vice versa.

Martin R.
From an Infantryman's perspective

The F53 Tomahawk is the most well planned design of an internal frame ruck I have ever possessed. The comfort, durability, and customization capability is a thing of beauty that any grunt will very much appreciate as I do. The thickly padded shoulder straps provide excellent relief for heavy loads and the ability to adjust their height with their ladder system ensures all shapes and sizes will be thoroughly accommodated. I really like how it came included with a rain cover as there is nothing worse than being wet and miserable knowing that the gear on your back is soaking up rain like a sponge adding weight by the second. So that was nice of them! And everything from the beefy zippers, zipper pulls, laser cut molle, removable lid, lightweight frame etc are top notch and i would highly recommend this pack for anyone in the military as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

jacob i.
Decent pack

Not exactly what I though it would be. This is my third Eberlystock purchase the other two were 5 star.