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Patobulinta modernios alpinizmo stiliaus kuprinės versija



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Volume: 3900 c.i.
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V69 Destroyer™ yra patobulinta modernios alpinizmo stiliaus kuprinės versija. Tiek iš viršaus, tiek iš priekio pakrovimas leidžia daug lengviau pasiekti savo įrangą su šios skalės paketu, o diafragmos sistema gali atskirti viršutinį ir apatinį skyrius. Grapple Compression Straps™ priglunda prie jūsų kūno, taip pat veikia kaip miegui skirtų įklotų, palapinių ar net šautuvo tvirtinimo sistema.


  • Karinis ruckas | Nuotykis | Kuprinė

Rekomenduojami priedai:


  • Tūris: 3900 c.i.
  • Svoris: 7,50 svaro
  • Matmenys: 37,5 A x 14 W x 7,5 D t6


  • Iš viršaus ir iš priekio pakrovimo galimybės
  • Grapple™ suspaudimo dirželiai
  • Viršutinis organizacinis dangtelis su tinkliniu maišeliu priedams
  • Apima uždangalą nuo lietaus
  • Vidinis segtukas 2L arba 3L Source® hidratacijos pūslėms tvirtinti

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Joel B.

This pack is built like a tank. It's definitely not a lightweight backpacker style pack, but it seems like it's built to last. Plenty of room to haul a week's worth of supplies easy.

Tristin R.
Love it!!

Love my pack systems from these guys. I have everything I need from hunting with the vapor series and F1 main to the tactical or med side with my destroyer and battleship which also do well for hunting and backpacking. Couldn’t be happier with these products. Salmon river pant fits perfect and light for my up coming early season archery hunt.

Preston C.
Amazing backpack

After doing countless hours of backpack research, I settled on the Destroyer for its classic mountain bag style with upgraded features and plenty of cinch points. I like how there is a top opening feature but it’s also accessible from the side. There is plenty of space for a sleep system, clothing, tools, and a bit of other equipment plus food and water. The frame is sturdy and strong and makes a world of difference with the lumbar support and shoulder pads. It is very comfortable to wear, even with a 30-40lb load. The Destroyer has become my new bug out bag and it sits in my truck waiting to be used. For a long distance, sturdy bag with solid construction that is meant to be abused, I can tell this bag will last for a long time.

Christopher S.

Great bag, good price, ships fast

Daniel C.
Destroyer bag

Fantastic build quality. Tons of adjustment and tensioning points. I love that the shoulder straps can be adjusted up or down although, the adjustment process is a little cumbersome.

Nicholas H.

I love both my back backs I have from your company !!! Very durable and very accessible to things that are inside ! I love them !

Ron E.
Awesome product

Top notch quality. Definitely built to help you survive.

Pablo B.


Joel W.
Perfect Size

I had the V90 Battleship and it's just way too big for what I need. The Destroyer has all the same features but with less bulk. So it has been perfect.

Buy it now!!!

I did a lot of research, like a whole lot of a lot, on what and who makes the absolute best and ultimate backpacks for survival, bushcraft, hunters and military. You have so many companies offering similar packs around similar price points it becomes overwhelming. That being said, after all the time and probably 100’s of packs later, I ended my search here… This pack has every single detail anyone could ever ask for when it comes to the absolute perfect pack! Every compartment, strap and zipper has been strategically placed, down to the materials used and the stitching. Every pack I have come across in this size and style is often lacking in at least one department, usually storage options or how the pack itself is set up. It is as if every bushman, survivalist, hunter and soldier, all got together around the fire, and the V69 Destoyer was the result. Like it’s name suggests, this pack destroys all other packs in it’s category. Comfortable even with heavy loads, adjustable sizing, pack is more vertical and wide keeping the weight closer to your center of gravity, more pockets and organization than you have stuff for, outstanding quality and even comes with its own rainfly! If SHTF, I will happily place the confidants of my life and survival on this pack. Absolutely blown away! If you are still reading this, stop being indecisive and just buy the freakin thing, trust me, you just found a gem!!! If I could give it more stars I would…