Standartinis klubų diržas
Standartinis klubų diržas
Standartinis klubų diržas
Standartinis klubų diržas
Standartinis klubų diržas
Standartinis klubų diržas

Standartinis klubų diržas



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Standartinis klubų diržas yra daugumoje Eberlestock pakuočių. Prie pakuotės pritvirtinama naudojant paprastą kabliuko ir kilpos sistemą, todėl greitai ir lengvai atnaujinamas ilgas paminkštintas klubų diržas arba paminkštintas klubų diržas.

Standartinis klubų diržas geriausiai tinka asmenims, kurių juosmens dydis nuo 26 iki 42 colių. Asmenims, kurių juosmens apimtis didesnis nei 42 coliai, rekomenduojama išbandyti ilgą paminkštintą klubų diržą. Asmenys, kurių juosmuo nuo 26 colių iki 42 colių, siekiantys papildomo paminkštinimo, turėtų įsigyti paminkštintą klubų diržą. 

Standartiniame klubų dirže yra dvi horizontalios MOLLE juostos eilės, reguliuojamas į vidų arba į išorę, ir 50 mm DuraFlex HD sagtis.

Populiarūs paketai, kuriuose nėra standartinio klubų diržo, yra: „Switchblade“, „Bandit“, „Little Trick“.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Matteo R.
Hip belt review

I bought this item because my original hip belt has been broken by a wrong laudry program by myself. The new One is very good and Fit like the original on my backpack. So I am totally satisfied but is same time to out 5 stars I have to check How long it will be intact and functional 😜

Joseph H.
Hip belt


Hip belt for G1 Little Brother

I prefer the standard hip belt over the larger padded one. The standard is plenty padded for my use and fits my size better (5'6", 150, 30" waist). I am able to full tighten the belt to support the weight of the G1 little brother comfortably on my hips. I can comfortably carry the pack with minimal weight on my shoulders.

Dave E.
Hip belt on Switchblade

Putting the standard hip belt on the Switchblade makes it a different pack. Turns everyday carry into a great small assault pack and silent as a ninja with the quiet material (in cammo). You can really load it down with the belt and it helps to make this already awesome pack very, very versatile. Be careful setting it down if it's in doppelganger camo though, you might not find it again. The belt is very well made and super comfortable.

Jerome J.
Hip belt

The item came as described and well packaged. The hip belt connected to my Phantom Sniper Pack easily and was a perfect match. My pack is is kinda worn so you can see the color difference but it still shows a color match. I bought the pack secondhand and the seller stated it would be easy to get a belt for it and low and behold he was 100% correct!!!! Would recommend and will be looking into other gear from Eberlestock!!!

Dave W.
Bandit w/ lap belt

Understand that this is a light EDC pack but the lap belt makes it perfect!! Just fits and rides better when you load it up for a day. Very happy to have purchased the lap belt!!

Standard Hip Belt

Great Addition to my switchblade pack

Federico B.
Nice, good on S27 little trick

I purchased this belt for my old S27 little trick, very good and comfortable

Ric H.
Nice belt works well, super color!

I purchased this belt to use on the Switchblade pack. It fits in the slot and works well. Very comfortable, overall very pleased. As a note, I’m not your athletic type but typical old guy, 5’11 220 pounds. The strap fits around my waist and buckles but the padded, molle part just makes it to about midway of my hip bones. Not a great look but functional. It Eberlestock would offer a big guy belt, with a longer Molle (war belt) area, to fit the Switchblade, that would be great. I read the longer belt they offered wouldn’t work on the Switchblade plus several other smaller EDC packs. Overall, this pack and all the accessaries I’ve purchased have tailored this pack to be something I really enjoy carrying. I go out on the range or hunt for the day, so the pack size is great.

Excellent, so comfy

I'm a saddle hunter and the molle loops on the side are perfect for my dump pouches. It's so great getting up into the tree and not having dump pouches attached to my saddle any longer!

The hip belt is attached to my Switchblade and makes the pack so much easier to carry when it's loaded down. Very comfy.