Priedų dirželiai 25mm x 36"
Priedų dirželiai 25mm x 36"
Priedų dirželiai 25mm x 36"
Priedų dirželiai 25mm x 36"

Priedų dirželiai 25mm x 36"

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36 colių ilgio aksesuarų dirželiai gali būti pervesti per mūsų pakuotėse esančią spynos juostą, kad būtų galima pritvirtinti prie išorinės įrangos. Jie taip pat naudingi pagalbiniams suspaudžiamiems diržams ir gali būti naudojami bet kurios mūsų dirželio ilgiui pratęsti. su 25 mm šoninio atsegimo Stealth arba M/HD sagtimis. Taigi, pavyzdžiui, galite pratęsti pagrindinius vertikalius suspaudimo dirželius pakuotėse su 25 mm vertikaliais dirželiais. Galima tik Dry Earth spalvos, kad atitiktų daugumos mūsų pakuočių apdailą .

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Harley C.
Must have.

These are must have for the F1 frame pack. Easily add extra gear and add more meat to the shelf with these. I love em as I do everything from Eberlestock.

William H.
Eberlestock best

These straps are well made, a great length and perfectly suited to secure additional supplies to the best made pack in the industry.

Jason T.
Never disappointed

These guys never disappoint me. The shipping is fast, the product is always perfect, it's just spot on! I know I have stuff in the mail from them when I'm driving on the way home from work with a semi. And tada! It's in the mail! Thanks guys!

Johnny S.

As expected

Hunter W.
F1 mainframe straps

Straps are meant for the F1 mainframe and are very useful for changing which angles and sections of your pack you need tightened. Pretty pathetic they are selling them in two, doesn't make any sense, but at the end of the day you buy two packs and get one extra in case a buckle breaks I guess.

Glenn R.F.P.
Accessory straps

Seem good and strong I would like to see them in a 3 pack. But I couldn't be happier with the Eberle items I've purchased.



Straps are fine; selling in two-packs is a transparent gimmick

They work fine to extend the straps on my F1 mainframe, which comes in handy trying to haul the biggest loads because the compression straps that come with the F1 don’t cut it. Seems like an obvious cheap trick to sell packs of two when the frames generally have three compressions straps.

Paul W.

Accessory Straps 25mm x 36"

Matt N.
Accessory Straps

Great add on straps for multiple bags and I use them mainly on my F1 mainframe for bulky loadouts. Only thing I would add to make these perfect would be the 'loose end' strap keepers, velcro things that seem to be on every Eberlestock bag I own. (And like another reviewer said, maybe sell them in 3 packs instead since most of my bags have 3 lashing points) A little annoying having long tag ends flapping in the wind!