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J34 Just One
John H.
Great idea, fatal flaws

I recently purchased an Eberlestock J34 pack and, while I was impressed with the overall construction of the pack, several design shortcomings led me to ultimately reject and return it.

I was willing to overlook the badly designed top flap, with zippers that seem placed to allow things to fall out when opened, and a single strap (rather than the standard two) that offers little in the way of torsional stability to the top as it sits on the main body of the pack. I was also frustrated by the fact that the horizontal load compression straps go around the outside of the exterior pockets, rendering them inaccessible without undoing the compression straps. This also makes it impossible to tighten the straps without crushing what may be in those pockets. The final straw for me came when I loaded it up with 47 pounds of gear in preparation for a summer scouting trip. The presence of the built-in (empty) scabbard, which in theory is a great idea, made it impossible to adequately tighten the load against the pack frame and suspension system. The short fabric loops that are in place for this purpose do not allow the pack to tighten fully against your back, leaving you with an unsecured load. It was unacceptable to me with less than 50 pounds in it; I can’t imagine trying to haul out 85 pounds of meat with this suspension. I’ve carried 100-pound packs on mountaineering expeditions, so I know it’s possible to design a pack that will carry that weight solidly. This, unfortunately, is not one of those, IMHO. Probably great for light loads, but for backcountry deer hunting, I opted for a MR Marshall.


Great fit great product

Simple easy to use. Nice design. Protects against the elements

Amazing scouting pack!

Doing some early season Whitetail scouting and it holds everything I need nicely and organized, rain pants for walking through dew covered beans. Also holds trail camera perfectly and secure!

Atlas Duffel
Mark D.
Atlas duffle

I wish I had 5 of these for gear and weapons in the Teams.

Frederic E.
Not made in USA

It’s a nice pack and the size is just right to carry everything I need when I go hunting. I would have like a flap to separate the main compartment.

My main concern is this pack is made in Vietnam and not USA. I got the pack when it was on sale at 50% so 125$ for it was decent but when I found out it was made in Vietnam it felt I paid regular price for the pack. Main reason for my 3 stars.

Vapor 2500
Matthew G.

Great pack. I look forward to taking it on a moose hunt in a couple of months.

Brian C.

I have only used this bag three times so far. It is very well built and has a lot of dividers to customize and separate your gear on the inside. The hard molded plastic works great at the range to reduce abrasion on the fabric and help keep clean. This is my fourth Eberlestock bag and won’t be my last.

Wrong pack

My fault I ordered the wrong pack I wanted the g4 phantom with the detachable scabbard. I won’t send it back since the pack ended up costing 529CAD PLUS 92$ FedEx shipping then as a surprise an extra 105 CAD FOR CUSTOMS AND ADMIN FEES. SO IT ENDED UP COSTING MORE TH AS N EXPECTED. I won’t fork out for return fee it will be rediculasly expensive for a pack on sale during the 4 of July sale. Other than that it good quality. I love your product I even bought your new lap top bag. I’m just pissed that I cant get the black scabbard for my skycrane 2 putchached at my local retailer.

G4 Operator

I have not got to take the G4 on an outing yet but it looks like some very nice craftsmanship! organization looks very well planned out!

F1 Mainframe
Aaron F.
Fits great

It fits me great and I’m a large guy (6’4”,300). I’ve had issues with packs in the past not sitting correctly on my shoulders and hips. I haven’t tried it out yet but hopefully I’ll be packing some elk this coming October.

Great pouch for what it is

Pouch works great, wish it came with straps to attach to molle, but I was able to make it functional with molle sticks,

Bandit pack review

I bought the Bandit with hydration system after watching the video on Instagram and have to say it's all it's cracked up to be and more. I needed a pack for the High Sierra Archery Shoot put on by Team Whiskey and it was perfect. Carried my water, my quiver, rain and cold-weather gear perfectly. Plus, the full-pack length zipper allowed me access to my gear without digging down through all my stuff. My next purchase will for sure be the Nosegunner for my range finder, which also provides a wonderful chest holster for a sidearm allowing for a more streamlined silhouette and less bulk when hunting and in the bush. Love Eberlestock!

my best hunting pant

The Afterburner is my favorite hunting pant, perfect fit and the great Eberlestock quality, thank you so much

Great pouch

Perfect for holding some snacks, keys and my iPhone on a 16mi ruck. Might get another one for the right side of my pack!

Sniper Sled Drag Bag 57"

I bought this for my M82 as disassembly is a chore and the pelican case adds an additional 20+ pounds. Initially customer service wasnt sure if this would fit an assembled Barrett, but they said full money back if i wasnt satisfied. Well it fits and i am loving it. Great quality. As a bonus they ship it in a plain box, no invoice. As a married man i REALLY appreciated that touch as well.

Looks great and made well

Calvin D.
Best pack ever!

Bought a renegade pack with the sole purpose of packing it full of goodies and hitting some hiking trails. That’s just what I’ve done. Almost every day I slap on my pack and I hike anywhere from 2-4 miles at my local state park. Can’t
Say enough positive about this pack! Awesome quality and super comfortable. Highly recommend.

G4 Operator
Murilo A.
Great backpack

I like it a lot, but the military green color could be greener.

Love it …

Locked right into the molle on my incredibly awesome Eberlestock pack!!! Couldn’t be happier! Perfect as a tactical tool as well as a quick go-to on the hunt… and at the price point, you almost want to buy two! 😃

F1 Mainframe
James T.
Excellent product

No question great quality. Using it elk hunting archery Mount Saint Helens. Little disappointed my son ordered the same product and received a hat and 3 coozy holders. Again wonderful gear!

Just perfect

This is the perfect item you need to get. hold binos and holds a handgun for protection, that no one can see all they see is the case

Mini me pack

Very nice pack. Has plenty of room and compartments. Ideal for hiking and hunting

Renegade Pack

I just received the Renegade pack and unsurprisingly it is very high quality. I wouldn't expect anything other than top tier products from Eberlestock. I used some of their other products in the schoolhouse, in training, and on missions. So far I have not been disappointed by any of their products. Looking forward to trying the Renegade out for bow season this year.

Excellent quality & Constriction, great features and comfort to carry!!