Puikus atskiras paketas su daugybe 3 dienų klasės saugyklos

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Pagamintas aplink Eberlestock naujovišką Intex II™ aliuminio rėmą, J51 Warhammer™ yra puiki apkrovą laikanti 3 dienų pakuotė. Du dideli drugelių skyriai padeda sutvarkyti įrangą ir padidinti saugojimo talpą sukant juos į išorę. J51 galima pritaikyti didesnei talpai užsegant J3SD Super Spike Duffel™ arba integruoti į didesnės talpos mūsų Skycrane II™ versiją, pridedant G1 Little Brother™ ir LP1 MultiLid™.

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  • Apimtis: 1875 m. e. m.
  • Svoris: 7 svarai 1,6 uncijos
  • Matmenys: 24,5H x 12W x 8D6


  • Dideli skyreliai drugeliams
  • Suderinama su šautuvo makštimi
  • Suderinamas su drėkinimu
  • Modulinis, išplečiamas dizainas
  • 1000 denų nailono išorė

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Michael R.
This thing emanates quality.

Loaded with 50lb and you wouldn’t know it with how well everything cinches so well. Even with oddly shaped loads this bag can do it.

Richard S.
just wow 👌

like I dont even know where to begin materials are fantastic, stitching feels really good. the massive lumbar pad feels great not to mention you can adjust this thing 5 ways Sunday to get the weight in all the right places. and then you just have the little things like the velcro at the end of all your tightening straps, so that you can make sure nothing is dangling off your pack getting snagged. 10/10 would recommend this or anyone of there other packs

Michael W.
Awesome Product

I’m a huge Eberlestock fan, this is my fourth bag. Warhammer is a well thought out design with the same Solid quality I have come to love and expect from the name.

Tyler H.
Warhammer review!

Fantastic construction and quality. Very comprehensive and well thought out design. It may not be for everyone or every situation, but it has definitely found a home amongst the rest of my packs.

zach f.
Awesome pack

I have never had a pack that didn’t hurt my shoulders until I found eberlestock. My Just One pack has over 400 miles on it. I have not had this pack out yet but I’m expecting the same quality. Don’t hesitate buying any of there pack!

B. S.S.
Great bag all around

Is mostly going to be used for camping trips and hiking. But I am a slimmer then average guy and with 40-60lbs, including a plate carrier with 12lbs in plates it fits much more comfortably then my g3 phantom. But thats for my small bones and plate use with this pack is last resort.

Cody P.
Gucci kit

Nothing but good things to say about this rig. Great quality, versatile, intelligent design… why don’t you have one yet?

Derek D.
Eberlestock Warhammer

The quality of this pack is everything and more than I expected from all that I had read about and the reviews I have seen.
I can't wait for the G1 little brother to come back in stock and add options and components to its versatility. Then my adventure starts, and the test of me and my pack begins.

Jeremy H.
More useful than originally thought.

Despite settling for the multicam due to the other colors being out of stock, I am very pleased with the versatility, comfort, and quality of this ruck.

Being a former Soldier in the U.S Army, I can fully appreciate the thought that went into making this pack what it is; simultaneously comfortable and utilitarian.

I’m able to use it by itself or incorporate my EDC (Switchblade inside the zip-on duffel) into the Warhammer. I can even strap in the Switchblade bag between the expanding “wings” of the bag and then zip on the duffel on top of all THAT. Should I ever need that much room, of course.

It took me several weeks to come to the conclusion that I wanted, needed, and craved a bag like the Warhammer. It’s the pickup truck of bags. The versatility is outstanding. And for it to be comfortable is mind blowing.

My only complaint is that I couldn’t find a decent video review except by some dude in what looked like the Philippines. Couldn’t understand a word, but he really showed off the bag. Shout out to that guy.

Although the the videos on the Eberlestock website are of a very high production value, they don’t show much at all. I would have chosen the Warhammer a lot sooner if Eberlestock had much more information in their videos. Hell, even more detailed pictures would have helped. This goes for all of their products, btw.

Regardless, take it from me. This bag is tits. No wonder it is sold out in all colors except multicam.

Scott C.
Amazing idea but a bit flawed...

I purchased a complete Warhammer system including the J51, the Little Brother, the Fanny Pack Lid, the Spike Duffel, and the weapon scabbard. I ended up returning the entire system as it wasn't great for my needs.

I found that despite having an overall amazing capacity the individual pockets of the J51 and the Little Brother couldn't really fit all my mission critical gear as they were each a bit too small or limited. Likewise a consideration is that when you flare the batwing pouches out for the G1 or duffel you had better make sure you put equal weight in each pack. Not a review here of the G1 but as others have noted thee so-called hydration bladder sleeves don't actually fit the dimension of nearly any bladder including the Source ones Eberlestock sells. As for the Fanny pack it's great but would be better with quick release buckles.

So awesome design and craftsmanship but not suitable for me personlly.