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Balno krepšys
Balno krepšys
Balno krepšys
Balno krepšys
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Naudokite balno maišą, kad mūsų pakuotes papildytumėte maždaug 3 litrais. Naudokite juos papildomiems įrankiams laikyti arba suporavus su mūsų drėkinimo pūslėmis, jos yra puikus būdas iš išorės pritvirtinti hidrataciją ant pakuotės, kad šlapimo pūslė būtų lengvai pasiekiama. Suderinamas su MOLLE, jį galima tvirtinti prie įvairių krepšių ir platformų, įskaitant mūsų EMOD™ sistemą. Balno krepšys puikiai tinka mūsų 3 l hidratacijos įrenginiui.

 Matmenys: 17 colių aukštis x 5 colių plotis x 3 colių skersmuo 

Svoris: 10 uncijų 

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Jonathan H.
Well built, but doesn't work for what I intended it for

I thought this would be a great way to add an external bladder pouch on my M5, so the two built in pouches could hold a spotting scope in one, and trekking poles in the other. However, the Saddle Bag does not have the loop at the top to secure your bladder to. This causes the bladder to collapse on itself and you can't drink from it. So I can't use it for that purpose. I'll have to find another solution for what I wanted to do, or modify the bag and sew in a loop at the top.

Saddle bags

Had my eye on these for awhile now, glad I finally got them they are better than I expected. The process to secure this bag is a little different than the traditional way but it is every bit as secure and it goes on and comes off alot easier. I put it on the gunrunner pack it works perfectly looked like it belongs there.

Jason S.
Saddle bag

Great product and well made. I don’t have an Eberlestock pack, but I own a saddle bag and four batwings that I use with two other pack systems and they are extremely versatile because of the molle. The saddle bag has Alice clips, but I just use a compression buckle strap through the molle on the bag instead. Great products, highly recommend if the dimensions are what you’re looking for.

William H.
Good for what it is.

As is, it functions as designed. I can't knock it. It secures easily enough and the flap strap is solid. I mean, I've purchased multiple. It would be good, however, if it was the same width all the way down. I'm not a fan of the tapered design to the pocket. Maybe there's a reason for it I'm not aware of, but it just seems to be a waste of potential space.

Dennis W.
Great bag, but upgrade clips

Fits exactly what I needed and a great add on to my gunslinger. It has fit my 3L camelbak, bivy bag, poncho and bungee cords. It came with Alice clips. I replaced them with Tactical Tailor Long Malice Clips which has a more secure fit.

Colin A.
Saggle bags and bladder

It’s a great setup. I have two Eberlestock paks (a j34 and the F1 frame/vapor 5000) and it will work nicely on both. The only way it could be improved is to install two more mollie clips. Even that it deserves 5 stars.

Steven S.

Nice upgrade to free up space in my bat wings, hangs nicely on my J2 frame for my 3 liter bladder.

A little disappointed

The saddle bag pouches as with all Eberlestock products are well made using top quality fabric and stitching. However their attachment system was disappointing . I was very surprised to see ALICE clips still being used.

I would have thought they would use the MOLLE webbing pattern as found on
Tactical Tailor or Emdom USA products. That pattern would have increased attachment options and removed the need to use ALICE clips.

With trial and error I was able to find a MOLLE weave pattern that worked.

All that said.... the pockets have been on my pack since the day they arrived.

Perfect add to the m1 frame

I hooked this to the molle on upper center of my m1 frame pack and used it to house my 2L water blatter. Fits nicely between the batwings when they are folded together.

Pete D.-.I.
More space

I purchased a pair of saddle bags for my gun runner. I use the pack as a get home bag and needed a bit more space for a few things my kit missing. As always eberlestock had just what I needed. Thier quality is second to none.