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Great Product

My only wish is that there was a pocket on the back of the case for items. (Phone) The straps get in the way to access the back pocket. Other than that I love it.

Rob B.

used this Buttbucket on the F1 mainframe to hold bow when biking into remote ground to hunt Roosevelt elk worked Great held bow secure

Salmon River Pant
Anthony C.
Mushroom hunter

These pants are top shelf, fit well, lots of useful pockets. The only thing that could make them better is if they had insect repellent/tick repellent.

Very comfortable

The pants are really comfortable. The 4-way stretch does its job very well. Any move is possible.

Brad H.
Almost perfect

I ordered this pack because I wanted a smaller pack with a frame for day trips but big enough I can put enough gear in it for an over night if necessary. Love the front opening panel for easy access to the bottom of the pack. My only gripe is it could use more MOLLE and replace the mini MOLLE with the full size stuff. Otherwise it’s perfect for my needs.

Ace in the Hole

Seems Bino harnesses are a lot like hunting clothes and boots. Many hunters have tried multiple brands, styles and designs until they find that perfect set up. I’m no different, I’ve tried what seems like a countless array of harness. Some good, some really bad and only two that have stood out. Until now, this time I think I have found exactly what I’m looking for. This is hands down the nicest, most comfortable, best thought out harness I have ever owned. Period. No hype, no over marketed and under performing harness. Just straight to the jugular on design, comfort, versatility, modularity and durability. The more I dive into Eberlestock products, the more I’m impressed with their unapologetic approach to going against the grain and doing what they think is a better way to design gear. Two thumbs up!!!!

Tight fit

Wonderful product but the fit was too tight.


This piece of gear is well thought out. The modularity, and adaptability of the main rig, plus each add-on piece is exactly what I was looking for. The material and zippers are solid, and the design is perfect for accessing bino’s and rangefinder, plus whatever else you may need to carry on a hunt or on the the 3-D course. Couldn’t be happier.

solid recon pack

The best recon pack I've used so far. Has all the right space in each pocket for things I need on the job. It is a big pack, but not too overbearing.


The shoulder strap connector broke on my previous this is an excellent replacement

Good, but.....

Good, quality pouch with lots of storage compartments for organization. My only dislike is that when mounted on the waist belt of my M1 pack, it is nearly impossible to get the main zipper to slide closed with one hand if you open it more than half way.

Gino S.S.
Great bag

I love this range bag, definitely worth the price.

Very Cool

Love it, Very handy, fits my Vortex vipers perfectly

Great product

I used this pouch on my recent trip west. My vortex ranger 1000 for perfectly and was always at the ready. Great product at a fair price!

Cache Peak Jacket

Recon Quickcase
Joshua A.

Recon Quickcase

A2MP accessory pack

Great addition for saddle hunting. Holds pull up rope, gear hanger strap, 32' tether/rappel rope (fully loaded with madrock, carabiner and quick link) and 3 squirrel steps

Trent D.
Bang Bang Bang

This bag is as tough as any other Eberlestock bag I own! Small and compact, yet tons of personalized storage. The option to make the storage whatever size and configuration I need is my favorite part. This is a lifetime bag that will never fail, you won’t be disappointed.

Saddle Bag

These saddlebags were exactly what I needed to expand the volume of my pack. I've used them for additional water capacity or to stuff extra clothing when out on cold weather trips

Hmm. .

The extra. Padding on the waist belt and the harness really opens up the potential when the frame is changed out to the long frame. I'm sure. . I can almost guarantee that covers the broad spectrum of packs . Dint get me wrong. This company makes products that perform as expected. The thin Molle straps might save weight but I would take a firmly secured attachment with a little extra weight over a floppy attachment that pulls on the straps instead of distribution of the weight of the attachment spread out evenly and equally less shifting . Great upgrade for the g2 slinger.

Hercules Duffel
Andrew H.
This bag is insane! They thought of everything!!

I have quite a few Eberlestock bags and this one might just take the cake. I don't need to go into detail on the quality because it's Eberlestock and they stand by everything they make. I'm super picky and this exceeds my standards. The stitching is flawless. Perfect symmetry and the materials top notch. This tote is also very versatile which is exactly what I wanted. It can be an every day range bag that takes the place of your rifle case and range bin. You'll probably want multiple foam inserts if you have a variety of systems. When not in use, this thing cinches down and stows away in the back of my closet. Though you may also want to use this as your emergency bug-out bag. The organizational options are endless. I can't say enough positive things about this. The price... might be the only negative.

Excellent product!!

Two hunts in and I wish I had it sooner! Quick access to all my essentials!

Sits low on the Just One Pack

Fits nice and snug, just sits low on the Just One Pack. Still can make it work, I just think it would be better on a pack where it can be mounted in the middle of the pack.

FAC Track
Adam H.
High quality

Ive had the back about a month now, it is designed well, fits great, and i have zero doubts about weather it can handle my abuse.