G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II
G2 Gunslinger II

G2 Gunslinger II

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Simply the most versatile mid-sized pack on the planet



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Volume: 2100 c.i.
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The G2 Gunslinger II™ is a mid-sized tactical pack with a full-width scabbard to better accommodate weapons with larger cross-sections or bulky optics. The wide scabbard also allows it to serve as an excellent laptop or military radio compartment. Even with the scabbard folded up, it will fit most short-barreled rifles perfectly. The G2 features a 2100 cubic inch capacity and comes standard with our tubular Intex-II™ frame system, fully adjustable shoulder harness, and padded hip belt.

Recommended for: 

  • Range | Military + LEO | 72hr Assault | Competitive shooting

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Pack Volume: 2,100 c.i.
  • Scabbard Volume: 600 c.i.
  • Total Volume: 44 liters / 2,700 c.i.
  • Weight: 6 lbs and 8 oz.
  • Dimensions main bag: 22"h x 10"w x 8"d
  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 10"W x 3"D, with a 26" circumference opening.  GSTC cover allows enclosed carriage of weapons up to 60".

Actual weight: 6.5 lbs (with GSTC).  [Note: actual pack weight includes GSTC Butt Cover, @ 1 lb. Pack with cover removed = 5.5 lbs].

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Patrick B.
The Do It All Pack

I mainly use this pack as a range bag and for short hiking trips. Nonetheless, the 3-day pack has enough capability to fit everything I need. I have a 13.9” AR in the scabbard, I fit the hydration pack in the center of the pack, my MPX fits in the center compartment, my 2011 fits easily in the top compartment of the pack and I have 4 magazines for each that come along. After all that I still have room for an ammo pouch of 300 rounds and a small towel. And I haven’t even started talking about the MOLLE capability. Sky is the limit with this pack I would definitely recommend it.

Stuart T.
Great pack

I love this pack!

Best Ruck I own.

This is the nicest ruck I have. The amount of space is amazing and the design is very intuitive. I would recommend the ruck to everyone.

K D.
High Quality

The detail that goes into this bag is incredible. Kudos to Eberlestock for taking pride in what you do and not cutting corners.

Amazing 3day pack/bug out bag

This pack can do almost anything you need it to! Bought it as a bug out bag but it is so versatile you could use it for a hunting expedition or hiking pack. It a 3 day bag for All intents and purposes but could easily be used as a long range pack if you have bushcraft skills and know how to pack. Loaded my pack comes in at 70lbs including rifle and after 3hours of hiking it still felt good, no pinching or pressure from the straps, or movement restrictions, it sits snugly to the body and doesn’t shift awkwardly when changing directions or articulating your body. Weight distribution and comfort are top notch and materials and construction seem solid but I have only used it on 2 three day hikes so I will edit this as needed with use of the pack! Over all no complaints with this pack and feel it’s money well spent. Hope this review helps!

Cory K.
Perfect for range days!

I bought this bag with the intentions on using it as a range bag because I wanted a backpack that could hold all of the gear I ussually bring with me minus ammo. With this bag I am able to have all my range day essentials just stay in the bag for storage. In the main compartment alone there is room for 2 sets of hearing protection, bipod, toolkit, chrono, full sized notebook, small cleaning kit, and 2 rear bags with room left to spare. Not sure if I'll use the rifle scabbard but the compartment for that is perfect for hauling plenty of magazines. Fully loaded with all my stuff for a multi gun range day it can be pretty heavy but the bag distributes the weight evenly and is comfortable to carry.

Kenneth M.
Awesome bag

Ordered this bag as mainly a rifle bag. To test it out I loaded it with my backpacking gear and did a couple 8 to 10 mile hikes. Carried extremely well and had alot more room then I imagined. Awesome product wish I had something like this when I was in the army. 500 % better then old Alice...

Skylar M.
Phenomenal pack!

Best rifle carry pack! Also purchased the rain cover with it and it came in clutch on my first day out! Recommend! 12/10

F Z.
one of best rifle carry pack

i am sniper in Service ,i used G4 pack for my operation pack, but sometimes it just too big for ops,so i choose this G2 for my other operation pack , the size are perfect for one day op, it is comfortable , easy to carry rifle and other stuffs , really nice pack!

luis z.

awesome like others products eberlestock