G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom
G3 Phantom

G3 Phantom

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The quintessential sniper pack

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Designed as the quintessential sniper pack, the G3 Phantom™ offers the ability to remove the bag and straps from the rifle scabbard, which can then be combined with the buttcover to make a drag bag with its dedicated drag loop. The Phantom is a front-loader with various sized pockets for organization and MOLLE inside and out for adding on any pouches you might need. A fold-down shelf can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers.

Included Rain Fly

Rifle Carry

3 Day Pack

EMOD Compatible

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  • Volume: 2213 c.i.
  • Weight: 9lbs 6oz
  • Dimensions: 24.5H x 19W x 10.5W
  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 10"W x 3"D, 26" circumference opening


  • Removable Tactical Weapon Scabbard
  • Stowable rain fly included
  • Included buttcover with scabbard
  • Internal MOLLE and organization shelf

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Halyna K.

G3 Phantom

Zoen d.G.
G3 Phantom

I love the quality! I have no complaints about the product!

solid recon pack

The best recon pack I've used so far. Has all the right space in each pocket for things I need on the job. It is a big pack, but not too overbearing.

Ultimate Range Bag and more!!!

Picked up this bag to use primarily as a range bag. I’ve been looking for and wanting a range bag that would hold a rifle, pistol other gear and work for multi gun/3gun comps and fit into a stroller for comps where that’s an option. Additionally, I wanted a bag that’d work for PRS type applications and provide versatility for other shooting activities. With this bag I can go to the range with everything I need in one bag including AR, pistol, mags ammo targets, etc…. One thing that was not clear on the web was that it didn’t include the aluminum frame. Had I known I would have added it to my order at the time of purchase but now I guess I’ll have to order it separately. Additionally, as I wanted to have my bag stand upright and have two seperate compartments I made a shelf with a ledge that integrates into the webbing and mates to the hook and loop on the already provided soft divider. Once configured I covered the rest in loop one wrap so that I could easily attach additional accessories and increase organization. This would be a great addition to the accessories offered for this bag! Overall very pleased - but would love to see and would have paid more if it were made in USA.

One outstanding pack

I have been wanting to pick up a G3 phantom for at least five years but was always hesitant due to the price. Glad I finally pulled the trigger and bought this pack. Build quality is excellent and it allows me to very comfortably carry a heavy load. I really like that I can easily stow and retrieve my bolt action rifle with a chassis even though it has a large 5-25 x50 scope and a bipod attached. The backpack’s size and compartments also allow me to carry everything I need for a hunt or PRS competition, including my tripod, spotting scope and a shooting bag. I would highly recommend this bag.

Perfect for the range

Great big bag with enough space for everything needed for the range including multiple tripods, labradar, sandbags, ammo, tools, optics, and room for more. Keeps everything organized and in one place-all with the convenience of carrying it on your back!

Brainard C.S.I.

Love the pack! Does everything as advertised! Still playing with different configurations for various loadouts! Highly recommended!!

Phantom G3 - AMAZING PACK .

It is a solidly built well-thought out / extremely versatile bag meant to last through the harshest of conditions. Can't say enough to express my respect for this tool !!

James D.

G3 Phantom

Aaron H.
Best pack ever

This pack is by far the best pack made. It is well made from the inside out. The zippers are smooth and work perfectly. This pack is worth its weight.