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Frank A.


Great rain cover

This is a must have if you live in the PNW. It is always raining. It is good quality and fit the gun slinger 2 backpack perfect

Excellent Gear

Wow! Very Robust. Gun is very well protected.

Excellent Gear

Wow! Very Robust. Plenty of storage. Wish I had bought it when it first started ELR shooting.

Good looking and well designed

Very well designed high quality messenger bag with plenty of pockets and plenty of zippers to keep everything secure. Is not too bulky but still fits a 17 inch laptop, plenty of files, a tablet and all my cords and accessories. Very happy with this bag.


3 product from you guys
All top notch and met my expectations

Good bag with some flaws

I'm active duty army assigned to a IBCT in a BSB. Just took this bag on a 9 month deployment. I've used LBT deployment bags prior to this for deployments and long term field problems. I have rucks from Kifaru, mystery ranch, and eberlestock for comparison of quality.

This bag has some good internal organization. When compared to the LBT it has a slightly narrower but deeper profile. This makes it more liable to be top heavy if loaded incorrectly but also generally easier to maneuver around the airport, between lodging areas, and to carry on one's shoulder like a large duffle. I'm a tall big dude and this will take an IOTV with XL plates, side plates, chest rig, belt rig and holster, and helmet with eye/ear pro pro with extra stuff without issue. The pockets are excellent. I found the LBT ones to be slightly too large externally to the point where a variety of systems were packed in each one. The Hercules pockets are excellent with good quality zippers. I believe they are just the right size as its easy to pack in a system in each (IE a fleece and beenie/light gloves in one, soft shell jacket in another etc). The included wet weather fly and the end internal pockets are nice additions. The end pockets are excellent for spare PCs, spare patches, minor things. The lining of the upper portion of the bag is great and lets you velcro in pounches (The mystery ranch ROUS/RATs pouches work great for this). Overall external fabric is tough and relatively water resistant. I also like the well situated document pocket for 1750s.

Now a few gripes. 1. I wish that the fabric between the bottom and top compartment had a zipper. I would much prefer to be able to connect the upper and lower compartment together. Currently the separationleads to dead space between the two locations if you have odd shaped pieces in the bottom area (like an IOTV with plates and side plates) which is necessary to keep the bag not top heavy. This is probably an excellent organization strategy for hunters and range goers who pack their weapons but most soldiers carry theirs on their person so having a larger connectable area makes sense rather than a dedicated weapons case area. My second and larger gripe is the durability of the stitching. One of my two duffles has already had the abrasion resistant portion of hypolon along the top edge come loose. There is a single layer of stitching at this site so if it catches its absolutely ripping. Second, I also have my doubts about the handle durability. I like the rivet however the stitching around the rivet on the sides of the handle appears somewhat flimsy. I absolutely heard a stitch rip in one of these locations while dragging the bag around the base so I'm half expecting it to rip off on the way home. Hopefully not but in my opinion the stiching durability is a significant concern.

It was durable enough for me to deploy with and return, but I don't think I could live out of this bag in the field (that's a super POG thing to say but such is the BSB life where we are typically in roving truck communities with a duffle and a ruck).

So overall a good bag with excellent organization and accessibility, but if the stitching quality fails further I would hesitate to recommend this to other Army folks without that caveat.


Bando Bag
Stephen S.
Bandon Bag

Great EDC Bag. Room for everything you would want to carry. Very well made. Very durable.

F1 Mainframe
Thomas M.
F1 w/Batwings

Nice overall setup. Batwings were slightly smaller than I expected. The mirage color has a little more green & not quite as much brown as what I saw in the picture, but it's a solid overall design and the pack has a lot of flexibility. Look forward to taking it out.

Logo Patch
Matt M.
Great Patch

Great patch from a Great company. Proud to display this patch and let people know where to get the best outdoor gear there is.

Recon Utility Pouch

Large Reversible Rain Cover

Utility Glove
Greg M.
Exactly what I wanted

I love that there are no cuffs on these gloves and the weight is perfect for 80% of the hunting I do. They are a bit snug just yet but I am comfortable that they will break in and loosen up. Plus I have fairly thick hands. Fingers a tiny bit long but overall fit will improve with break in. And they look cool to boot! Very nice purpose built hunting glove!

Trinity Peak Jacket 2.0 - The Best

The jacket feels like it is fitted to my body. Its lightweight but keeps me very warm during cold weather. Random people give me positive comments or ask me where I bought it when I go to out. I highly recommend this jacket. I am thinking of buying another one for when I wash the one I have now. I can't say that about other jackets that I own. This one rocks!

Bad Ass Pack

Rugged, durable, lightweight, versatile and comfortable with the right amount of room.

Hip belt with Bandit

Fit and comfort is second to none

My wife is trying to steal it.

One of the best jackets I've owned. It's also one of my wife's favorite jackets now.

Utility Glove
Justin B.

Utility Glove

Bruneau Hoody

Super lightweight and extremely comfortable. I got one just for every day use and will definitely be getting more for hunting season

F1 Mainframe
Frederick D.
F1 Mainframe

Just purchased it and it is exactly what I expected. The quality and build of it and how light it is, now the bat wings and a vapor pack and it's ready, no more dragging!.I'm very satisfied with the purchase, I'm 6 2 225 and the tall is perfect fit for me. I definitely recommend this pack great job folks.

Sean M.
Seems good

It takes some figuring out how to put on the x2. I am still not sure if it is installed the best way. Couldn’t find directions on line.

Awesome bag

As usual, I am so impressed and satisfied with Eberlestock products. You are hands down the best company I have dealt with!

Ray a.
Awesome gear

After years of using different backpacks I can say this Eberlestock backpack is the best.

Intex II No-Shelf Frame for the Gunslinger 2

I was given a G2 Gunslinger and it did not have a frame. I ordered the no shelf Intex II frame for this pack and it made the pack way more usable. The frame allows you to tighten up the pack where all of the gear is held closely to the frame and the load is carried better than with not having the frame. I have another G2 with the shelf frame. I am not sure at this time if I like one more than the other. You cannot go wrong with either frame.