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Stefan K.
Love the bag……but

The bag is amazing however I did find a couple things I don’t care for. Mag pouches in the side pockets seem like a waste of space, I don’t need a padded secure pouch for something that gets dropped on the ground regularly. The front zipper area would be a great spot for pistol and rifle mags, it may need expanded just a little but the most that fits there now is a couple note books. The basement, once again wasted space. Doesn’t seem like it when you get the bag but once the bag is loaded with gear it’s not the best place for much of anything.
That out of the way the bag is fantastic! Amazing construction and versatility. I love only needing one range bag even if I’m shooting pistols and rifles that day. I keep a couple good sized Tupperware containers full of 9mm and .223 for practice and I still have tons of room. Love the bag and the quality.


Works great on my M5 waist belt for items like my phone and gps

Anders T.
Love it!!

Have you ever been handed something, and you just know... THIS, is quality... THIS, is way better than i could have possibly hoped for?
Well thats how i felt when i recieved the Eberlestock Batteship.

Edwin S.
Exactly what I was looking for.

Well made, plenty of pockets for organization, and the hard bottom is better than I expected. All my colleagues have been asking about it and are planning to get one now.

Craton W.
Bang BANG!

The best bag…hard bottom compartment protects everything

Timothy P.

Great bag

Hercules Duffel

Philip G.

Got it right before I went on vacation and it worked perfect. Now whenever I hike or go out riding I have it with me and love it. I thought if I carried with a full pack I'd have my firearm poking into my back but I've yet to notice. It sits up higher on my back compared to a regular backpack which makes it easier to carry more weight. Seems to be built very well and will last me quite a while. The real test will be this fall during hunting season. Can't wait to out it to the test!

Little Brother
Kevin H.
Little Brother pack.

Great pack with lots of room and MOLLE webbing inside and outside.

Michael S.
Great day oack

Not my first Eberlestock and probably not my last. Well thought out pack with quality materials and workmanship.

United Hoody
Chris L.
Great but sized a bit small

Ordered an XL ended up handing it over to my girlfriend because of its size after washing. Was a little snug before washing/drying, if I were to purchase again I would just purchased one size larger.

Chris L.
Best bags - period.. !!

Very well thought out,, glad I waited, build quality is as good or better than expected. Will be purchasing from again. Highly recommend ..

John L.
Holds A lot!

I started to load up the pack and it holds a lot. I like the pocket placements and it feels good on my back and I’m looking forward to some hikes.

X1 Euro
Michael R.
Almost perfect

I have only hiked with this a couple of times. And though there are quite a bit of attachment methods, there is just barely not enough. I put on the molle panel to roll up some sleeping bags, and though it works, it's a bit awkward. One or two more strips of molle attachment would be amazing on the sides. Other than that, the pack is as close to perfect as you can get. Just big enough for a few day excursion, loading a tent and a couple sleeping bags. If you're a dad, and will likely be carrying everything, this is the perfect pack to do so.


You can pack a lot in this compact bag and the built-in compartments help tremendously in organizing your gear. Quality is top notch. This is the ultimate range bag.

Great rain cover, product image on website is inaccurate

The rain cover is great overall, quality fabric and coating to keep your pack dry. With that said, I’m disappointed as there is a giant white logo that is printed on the digital camo side of the pack. Why this isn’t on the blaze orange side is silly. If the product image had shown this accurately I would not have bought the rain cover as this defeats the purpose of digital camo. I will keep searching for a proper camo cover.

Jason R.

So glad I pulled the trigger on this! Curently I have the:
- M1 Main frame
- Batt wings
- Zip on dry bag
- Zip on Spike duffel ?
- Dragonfly
- Mini Me hydration pack
- Rifle Scabbard
- Large Bino Harness
- Misc Accessories
- And one very similar to the renegade that I completely hacked to make very much like the Switch blade!

Now I'm a Builder and I bought this to travel with my computer and work stuff as well as things like gym closths or anything else that comes up. But for scouting/hunting purpose's ill be to be trying the switchblade on my mainframe with either the rifle scabbard or a Bow Spider mounted on the pack at the base of the lid. And I just can't wait to be all nice and organized while I'm out scouring the land grocery shopping! Oh how my heart is full!

Holds water

Doesn’t leak. It does what it supposed to do.

jason m.
The wait was worth it!!

Yes, I did have to wait a few weeks for it to come back in stock and it was totally worth the wait! More options and pockets than shown or talked about. Attention to detail is why we buy products that may cost a few dollars more and wait a little longer than buying something off the shelf. I doubt I’ll ever have to but, I would buy again and have and will keep recommending Eberlestock for any and all your pack needs.

Little Trick
Dillon P.
Best bag i have ever owned

This bag is great, high quality and is great for daily carry

Cherry Bomb
jesse m.

You guys make the best packs every keep up the good work.

Wojciech D.


Joe F.

Quality construction, pockets for everything you need! Highly recommend!

Great service

Great service! Will use again on next purchase! Thank you!!

Looks Fantastic

Took quite awhile to get so missed last years hunts but can't wait to use it this year!