Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover
Bolt Action Scabbard Cover

Bolt Action Scabbard Cover

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The Bolt Action Scabbard Cover can buckle to most Eberlestock packs which feature a built in scabbard, or the modular Bolt Action Scabbard to ensure it stays secure and in place while fully enclosing your rifle. 

For packs which do not feature compatible buckles, the Bolt Action Scabbard Cover also features a pull-out veil which will tuck into the scabbard itself to maintain security and protection of the rifle. 

Dimensions: 13"h x 6"w x 3"d
Weight: 12 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Brent B.
good product ?

Nice product except. I only gave it 4 stars because it could be longer, With my savage 110 tactical rifle the cover just barely meets the scabbard. With a muzzle brake it want cover the rifle all the way. Same with my deer rifle.

Provides good protection at a light weight

Good quality and provides good protection for my rifle at a light weight. I don't have a Eberlestock pack so I easily jerry-rigged attaching it to my pack. It provided the ideal protection for packing it in for a backcountry hunt in steep and rocky terrain. However, with the cover it's not a quick process to remove the cover and rifle -- keep in mind it's not a rifle sling. It fit my Weatherby Backcountry 2.0 rifle (overall length 46") with a 15X scope.

Todd S.
Eberlestock bolt action scabbard cover.

The bolt action rifle stock cover is useful to secure your firearm especially if you are hiking in rough or hilly terrain. The scabbard cover prevents the rifle from leaning to a side and adds the extra security that the rifle won’t slide out should you lose your footing. The cover comes with a sleeve that slides around your action and fits inside of your scabbard. Then simply tighten the straps and snap it together. I put my rain fly in with my rifle in the scabbard because it acts like a cushion and fits snugly, then I secure it with my cover. Should the weather get nasty then I didn’t forget to bring it. When I’m hunting with my rifle in hand, I shove the rain fly and cover in the scabbard and snap it secure. It improves your backpacking experience giving you the confidence to walk in further where the larger big game learned to hide. Thanks, Spence

James C.

I wish it was designed to fit the Rocky Mountain elk foundation pack that I bought

Works and fits most all my rifles

Easy slipover, easy to remove cover for most rifles. Works for all of mine.

Felix L.

Can't wait to put it to use.

Cory H.
Well made, why do buckles not match?

Seems to be well made and designed but the buckles do not match. Getting a tailor to modify.

michael o.
scabbard cover

should just come in with the bolt action scabbard, but whatever. it works.

Gregory E.
Scabbard-protective but not convenient

The scabbard was highly padded, but did not fit my 7mm rifle/scope very well. It extended well below the F1 pack and the cover did not buckle down without compressing against the scabbard. It was not possible to remove my gun without totally removing my pack- an almost unavoidable component with the scabbard that reduced the use only when hiking.

Donald S.
It fit really good

I really like everything the eberlestock make. All your merchandise it the best