MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch
MultiPack Accessory Pouch

MultiPack Accessory Pouch

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The Multipack™ consists of 10 total pockets, ranging from buckle-top side pockets which work well for a GPS, wind detector, and other items of like size. The main compartment features an internal zippered pocket as well as 5 various sized elastic pockets. 

The Multipack was designed to attach anywhere that features MOLLE webbing, but can also be mounted to the Chest Pack Harness using the 20mm buckles to work independently on the chest. 


  • Overall Dimensions: 6"h x 10.5"w x 3"d
  • Main Pocket Dimensions: 6"h x 8"x 3"d
  • Weight: 8 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Brian R.
Great product

As with all I have purchased this pouch is exactly as advertised. Great quality and fits both by mollie and the chest harness. Recommend if you need extra storage.

Morgan B.
Multipack x 2

Completes the enhanced hip pad of the M1 mainframe. I use it for modular storage IFAK and survival equipment. I roll heavy with a full backpacking bivouac on the frame and once I down load the pack and make camp I still have the essentials for moving light with the multipacks and multilid attached to the frame. Works great.

Steven R.
Great product

I am very impressed with the pouch! It is currently being used as a med kit & I can’t be happier side pockets fit tourniquets perfectly. Small pockets inside are great for first aid bandages. Zippers are sturdy. Lots of options for carry & hanging up in the truck with the Molly & buckle system! 10 out of 10.

Mark B.

Works great on my M5 waist belt for items like my phone and gps

Glenn R.
Handy little pounch

I've used the Accessory Pouch to carry my calls, accessories and small gear for turkey hunting. The pouch is nicely padded, which protects the calls and all the interior pockets keep things from banging together. I struggle to find a use for the two exterior pockets on each side. Too small for a water bottle, I'm not sure what they're intended for -I stuff a spare set of gloves and an orange safety marker in them. Well-made item, and great that I can strap it to my pack, my belt or hang next to me to keep things close at hand.

steven w.
Perfect size

The renegade is the perfect all around size. fabric, stitching, and zipper are top notch. Even overloaded it’s stupid comfortable on a all day trek.


Originally purchased for quick access to personal items. Both on its own or in a backpack. Does great with this. However, after trying enough "First Aid" bags for various tasks (Hiking, go bags ETC..) to fill a large Costco tote. We became disappointed in all of them. They all seemed too small or too cumbersome/bulky once filled with what we wanted to have with us (From various learning experiences in the real world, for us and our pets). Then a new shipment of replacement items came in (We replace most of the sterile items as they expire) and I was filling one of the kits back up. I happen to have this Eberlestock M.A.P. sitting on the bench and I wondered. Hmmm, will the NAR CAT Tourniquet’s or our TACMED™ K9 Tourniquet fit in the side pouches? They do! From there, I built our first kit using the Eberlestock M.A.P. and loved it. Then I ordered two more and built them out all with new supplies. Hopefully the photo I submit with this review makes it. You might be amazed on how much fits into this bag. With these being long and slender it makes for much easier use within backpacks, on their own or attached to your preferred MOLLE position. Much better than one large bulge hanging off the side of a backpack. Hope this might help others!

Dave V.

Great Addition to my backpack They work well on my belt to my pack and hold a lot of accessories They mollied in nicely

Cameron C.
Great accessory

Organize your small items very well

Darrel M.
Love em

I used one to help organize my Terminator XL, and am kicking around the idea of building a minimalist hiking belt with the other one. Can’t beat em, they’re built sturdy and strong, and can help out big time with organization