6-Pack Field Repair Buckle Kit, HD

6-Pack Field Repair Buckle Kit, HD

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This buckle kit includes 6 HD female field-repair buckles and 6 HD male buckles. (25mm)

This will convert a pack with Stealth buckles to HD buckles.  

No tools are required to install the field repair buckles, you will need wire cutters to remove female Stealth buckles.

Buckle color is Dry Earth.




Customer Reviews

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Dan C.
Field Repair Solution

Perfect for expedited field repair of strap buckle and snap-ends. This kit will also facilitate additional strap points on molle gear. Next step for this kit is to add some tri-glides.

Jason B.
Best 12$

I bought the buckles for my alice bag, best 12$ I've spent on a mod or uografe..

Steven K.
Fit medium ALICE pack straps

I used these to replace the metal adjusters on the two main straps on my medium ALICE pack. Cut the originals off, and these fit right on.

Gerald W.
As designed

Work well as designed. Really need the locks on buckle to keep tensioned but that’s the buckle design.

Andy B.
Buckle kit

I recently bought the F1 Mainframe and realized it didn’t have the same buckles my F1 Transformer had. These field repair buckles we the answer. Now the Transformer can be connected to the frame if I ever need to when the zippers aren’t practical to use. Perfect! installation took about an hour total to do all 6. its a little tricky but not impossible. check out their instructions on YouTube.

Justin H.
Perfect for F1 Mainframe

I installed these on an F1 mainframe so I can have a double set of straps. One set to keep meat tight against the frame and the other set to strap a dry bag with gear on the outside. I had to buy a roll of strap on Amazon to complete the setup.

Eric B.
6 Pack Field Repair Buckle Kit, HD

I have recently added the Vapor 5000 to my F1 Mainframe, along with 2 Batwings and a Lid. Seeing as my F1 is an older model the buckles on my new Vapor didn’t marry correctly. The awesome team at Eberlestock knew that this was part of the evolution of the system and came out with a Field Repair Kit. I was able to quickly switch out the old buckles on my F1 and now I am able to run my kit every way it is described on their site. This is the most versatile system I’ve ever used!! I can load it all the way up for extended trips or have it set up as a high speed, low drag kit for scouting missions. I couldn’t be more stoked about it!! Thank you again Eberlestock for making such badass products!!

Johnny S.
Buckle kit

Very ok, easy fix

Carlos C.
Great retro fit for my F1 Mainframe

I currently own the older version of the F1 Mainframe. The older version had the stealth buckles. This kit retro fits the pack to switch the buckles to fit the vapor series packs. I own both the vapor series and the batwing pack. This setup allowed me to use both batwing packs, vapor 7500 and attach a compound bow in a single compact set up.

Additional buckles for my vapor

I wanted to attach my new vapor onto my M1 on top of my batwings pouch. There is a video on the vapor page or the batwing page that shows how to attach extra buckles to your M1 to accomplish this and makes it really modular. Instead of the taking the buckles off of the vapor I bought these for now and have them on my pack in case I need an extra buckle. Love Eberlestock, keep the innovation coming!