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Joshua M.
Great Bag!

I love this thing, every part of it is built with Quality. I wish I had purchased it sooner. Plenty of storage and ways to keep everything organized. I will also be buying at Atlas in the near future!

James E.

great bag love the product. I use it as a range bag. it carries everything I need when I go just grab it and go. if I had one critique it would be to have some kind of third bumper installed on the same side as the wheels but opposite from them. this would allow the bag to stand vertical for storage, or just when traveling so you did not have to lay it flat. but that is no reason to shy away from such a great product..

Michael G.
Perfect Hunting load out bag

Although I titled this bag as “perfect”, it does have one very minor thing about it that some people might not quite like…It doesn’t stand on its own. Other than that, I truly cannot imagine a better bag to use for this purpose. As with my other Eberlestock bags, the quality is top notch. I cared that it didn’t stand up on its own for about a day but its just not an issue for me. If you need the bag to stand, it leans up against a wall fine. The compartments are great to sort like items together. I probably wont be using the rain cover any time soon, but its a nice touch. Every hunter that has laid eyes on this bag was interested in it because it is obvious to see its utility.

Chris L.
Herc duffel

This duffel is next level. The amount of gear/items that can be organized inside is a game changer. Everything has it place, tucked away, and rolls all at once. Cut down from multiple bags and totes to one unit. Tuff as nails.

Not just a big expensive bag.

It’s a fantastic organization system that’s worth every penny. Quit scrolling and get one.

Jason H.

Hercules Duffel

Gabe C.
Awesome Bag!

This bag is huge and will carry all you throw at it. Glad it has the rollers although I wish it had an extendable handle. Great having the under compartment for non-clothing items.

Santi J.
Hercules - Tiny-Home on Wheels

I literally live out of this bag. I currently travel 9 months out of the year working as a contractor. The bag is a mansion to a minimalist, everything I own fits w/ room to spare. I am able to safely store and conceal a full load out along w/ a 4 season wardrobe & sleeping system. The large duffle provides me a very real sense of stability along with organizational capability while on extended deployments. I use the Little Brother for my EDC bag and the duffle as my tiny-home on wheels IoI Thank you Eberlestock Team!

Joshua V.
Its big.

This is a large very bag. This accommodates my G3 Phantom ruck, and platecarrier, and various other bulky items while still having an assortment of pockets, and the lower level for other gear.

The downside of its big. If its going in your car, you need measure and then measure again because it is a big bag. It is very long, and wheel tubs are going to make it hard to fit in a trunk (and this will effect SUVs).

The other downside is the wheels do not lock. It rolls very easily, which is nice, but it rolls very easily.

Mr J.M.
AWOL Hercules

I ordered this bag for a short term deployment that required a heavy load out and weapon security. The bag showed shipped but did not move for 5 days and when it did it was misrouted. It showed out for delivery twice but never showed. I sent a message fully prepared to pay whatever it cost to resend the Hercules so I could manage my gear. I received a reply which stated “ thanks for letting us know. No offer to resolve. I explained that this was a deployment bag perfect for this mission and a short “thanks” was the extent of my customer service interaction. The bag is in its box in my garage, better luck next time I guess

Andrew H.
This bag is insane! They thought of everything!!

I have quite a few Eberlestock bags and this one might just take the cake. I don't need to go into detail on the quality because it's Eberlestock and they stand by everything they make. I'm super picky and this exceeds my standards. The stitching is flawless. Perfect symmetry and the materials top notch. This tote is also very versatile which is exactly what I wanted. It can be an every day range bag that takes the place of your rifle case and range bin. You'll probably want multiple foam inserts if you have a variety of systems. When not in use, this thing cinches down and stows away in the back of my closet. Though you may also want to use this as your emergency bug-out bag. The organizational options are endless. I can't say enough positive things about this. The price... might be the only negative.