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X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack
X2 Pack

X2 Pack

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Popular with professional guides, the X2 is a tough little pack with big pack features. Oversized compression straps for lashing on a heavy load. Dual hydration compartments. Quick-access pockets for spotting scopes and tripods. Best of all, a unique tubular aluminum Intex frame. Other major features include: Ample FlexChassis which can flip forward for use as a seat or cradle loads you strap to the pack. Perfect platform for our ARCG ButtBucket, for carrying a compound bow. Designed to accept either our A1SS or A2SS Side Scabbards, to carry either shotguns or full-scale hunting rifle.


  • Total Volume: 1,830 c.i.
  • Weight: 4 lbs 12 oz
  • Dimensions (including side wing pockets): 22.5"h x 16"w x 6"d

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Awesome pack and service

Great pack

I’ve used the x2 pack for 2 years now in Arizona and it’s been very durable. I have helped pack out several deer and elk and it was very comfortable to use.

great pack

great pack for saddle hunters!

Great Pack

This is the best pack I have ever owned. Very well made and has all kinds of storage. I am a whitetail deer hunter from the mountains of Tennessee/Virginia and this pack full feels all I need in a pack. I look forward to using this pack on a western hunt next fall,.

Great under 6' Best of show if longer and a pound lighter

I've been using the X2 for ~10 years, and packed out several deer - 1 trip or 2 - up to at least 70# total load in the pack. At 6'1" that has resulted in sore shoulders every time, as the X2 is simply too short for anyone 6' and over. Despite this, I continue to use it as I can't overlook the other features that make it a superior daypack to so many others on the market:
1. Ability to haul a meaningful amt. of meat out in first trip. It's insane to walk back to the truck empty for a frame pack. Between the frame, and the design of the batwing side pockets and the seat, the X2 hauls well enough that I don't bother swapping to the frame pack for the 2nd load on a deer.
2. Very useful hip belt pockets for small items. Tight for a rangefinder or big smartphone. Unfortunately, this prevents carrying a sidearm on the pack. Would benefit from slight size increase, mounting method for Hatchet Holster mount or similar, and an internal elastic mesh pocket on the belt side for the smallest items, as seen on GoLite VO24 and others.
3. Profile keeps from snagging on branches, etc. when in heavy brush.
4. Breathable mesh back panel is key for early season; really always. It's why I bought in the first place.
5. Right size for early/mid season. Later on, a bit small for extra layers especially once you make a kill.
6. Pockets generally well organized, having a key leash up top would be nice though. Spotting scope sleeves inside the batwings are overbuilt, and an opportunity to reduce weight.
7. Fleece-lined sunglass(?) compartment in the top is too small for purpose. I keep a lens pen and lens wipes in there. Not much else fits.
8. The seat is a key feature. The shape of the pack also makes it an effective seat - not so for narrower packs which tend to roll.
9. Frame is squeaky. Fixed with hockey tape, but at this price shouldn't have to.
10. The bag opening is too tight for all but the tiniest of stuffed sleeping bags. Compromises function as a 2-day bivy ...