Reveille Sleeping Bag

Reveille Sleeping Bag

3-season bag with the best synthetic insulation on the planet

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Reveille, as in “I can’t get ‘em up, I can’t get ‘em up, I can’t get ‘em up in the morning!” This top-of-the-line European-made synthetic bag will go head-to-head with any synthetic bag on the planet.

This great 3-season bag can be combined with our Ultralight bag (with the latter used as a liner), which turns the pair into an excellent cold weather bag. If you buy both, you will be ready for any environment.

The Reveille features Carinthia G-Loft insulation, the best synthetic insulation on the planet. This type of bag is recommended for environments where you may encounter wet conditions, as G-Loft maintains very good insulation performance and keeps its loft when damp.


  • Comfort rated to 5 F. Practical "push" rated to -36 F
  • Sizes: Regular for body height up to 72.5". Long for body height up to 78.7"
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good bag

Great zipper! It doesn't snag at all.

Bag is awesome. No problems in the 20's. I've taken it out to 16 F, and the warmth is decent, but I will need a sweater if it gets any colder.


I give this bag 4.5 stars. I have done 5 nights under 20 F now. This is a good bag.

I will be cold below 10 degrees, but I'm a desert rat and turn the heat on at the first hint of cool air. I'll wear my insulated clothing to bed and should be able to go to 0F with minimal discomfort. I would not go that low regularly with this bag though.

I am 5 10 and wish I got the tall version as I dont have enough room to shove clothes, water, and fuel cans into the foot of the bag to prevent them from freezing.

Only other complaint is the bag is little heavy; but there is no way to get around this with synthetic materials. Buy down and freeze to death on a wet night if you want a lighter bag.

I highly reccomend this bag and expect this bag to last at least a decade.

The greatest piece of backpacking gear I’ve ever purchased

So I bought this bag in 2015 for my through hike of the AT, it’s pretty over kill for that purpose but what ever haha. It saw a fair amount of use in that time and since then it has seen many backpacking trips and holds up after 5 years virtually the same as it did when I bought it, minus a couple pin holes from fire embers.

What stands out with this pack is that from all the experiences I have used this thing in I really would trust it with my life.

I have been in practically 0 degree weather with it and it worked well enough to not have been overly bothered by the chill that made its way through. What I especially love is the wind protection this thing provides and the fact that it can insulate effectively even when wet.

A example of the wind protection is a recent over night I went on where I decided to cowboy camp at a completely exposed spot on the PCT in Southern California. This part of california is extremely windy and as the sun went down there was a constant bombardment of gusts of wind that had to have been in the 20-30 mph range. And through all of that not even a single sliver of air made its way through the bag.

Also probably my biggest shock with this bag is that after 5 years the zipper works perfectly and I have not used this bag as respectfully as I should for that to be true.

I’d recommend this bag to anyone.

Solid construction

It does look well build did not get chance to use it up to rated temperatures yet.

Reveille Sleeping Bag

Quality sleeping bag which was well thought out when developed. I was in 45 degree temps but it should have no problem with a 15 degree night

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