Padded Hip Belt
Padded Hip Belt

Padded Hip Belt



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The Padded Hip Belt is best added to packs intended to regularly carry heavier than normal loads (45 lbs.+) for sustained periods. The Padded Hip Belt may also be a wise addition for those with little body fat to reduce abrasion discomfort on the hip bones. The Padded Belt is approximately double the height and thickness of the Standard Hip Belt, and is 35" of padding.

Inward or outward pull tightening capability with locking DuraFlex HD buckles ensures proper fitment and carry. The Padded Hip Belt also features three horizontal rows of MOLLE webbing for mounting accessories like the Padded accessory pouch or the MultiPack.


Customer Reviews

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james v.
The perfect hip belt

5 star but it should have been an option when I got my pack. Now I have an extra hip belt and shoulder harness.


Quality must have for carrying heavier loads on varying terrain.

Robert V. (Washington)
A Little Padding

I needed a wider hip belt with a little more padding for a heavy pack. This works very well.


Exactly as ordered. If you plan on carrying loads greater than 45lbs, you need this upgrade.

A. L. (New York)
Very well designed! Works as expected!

To give some background, I am just getting into outdoor activities. I don't have much experience in backpacking, camping, or hiking. I recently used Eberlestock's equipment on a church mission trip, and I am very pleased with the quality they put into their packs.

I purchased Eberlestock's Little Brother mission pack 2 months ago, and as I was doing research on other modular parts to add to the pack, I stumbled upon this padded hip belt, along with the Gossamer G-Type Frame. I was debating which one to buy, or whether to buy both due to my inexperience in the field. I asked a friend who has been in the military which one he preferred and he said that a hip belt is a "must have" when it comes to having a lot of weight on your back (which aligned with what people were saying online). I purchased it within the last couple weeks and I tested it out on a short hike. I'm pleased to report that it works very well. I immediately experienced how the belt puts most of the weight onto my hips, taking the strain off of my shoulders. Even though it was just a test with not a lot of weight in the pack, I wouldn't be surprised in the future if this piece helps me on future backpacking, camping, and hiking adventures.

When it comes to the features of the belt, it was very easy and straight forward to install. I was a little bit confused as to why there were 2 sewn on straps near the center of the belt, but after some research I figured out that those are meant for the Battleship pack. The MOLLE webbing is fantastic, and I was easily able to thread on a large padded accessory pouch and double threaded pouch that I had purchased along with the belt. I will say that the excess portion of the large straps used to tighten the belt around my waste, tend to come out of their loops pretty easily, but it's not to big of a deal.

To anyone reading this on the fence as to wether to start with the Standard Hip Belt or this Padded Hip Belt, I'd say go with the Padded one. I was debating this myself, and I decided to just go with the best solution for my future adventures. And, it's a $5 difference, so a good investment in my eyes.

John S. (British Columbia)
Padded Hip Belt

This was a worthwhile upgrade to the original hip belt on my J34 pack. In addition to much thicker padding on this belt it was also wider than the original belt with an additional row of Molle webbing in width. In addition to the increased comfort, this belt provided a more stable grip on my hips making the pack more stable and secure overall. Maybe Eberlestock will include this belt right out of the box mind you the original belt might fit some users well enough as it is. Highly recommended upgrade over original.

Hans I. (California)
Nice improvement

Although it added a bit of bulk, that elk quarter should ride a little nicer now.