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Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb
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Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

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Two main compartments, plus an outside pocket under the coffin-logo panel

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The S25 Cherry Bomb presents a unique mountaineering aesthetic and minimal profile. It features two main compartments: one “public” and one “private”. In the public compartment, there are organizational pockets, a laptop sleeve, and document sleeve. In the private compartment, there is enough storage to hold a rifle. The main stowage compartment is the perfect length to discreetly carry a broken-down rifle, SBR, or pistol with an overall length of 24.5“.

Hydration Carry

Concealed Rifle Carry

Internal Pockets

Included Rain Fly

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  • Volume: 1012 c.i.
  • 6lbs 8.8oz
  • Dimensions: 25H x 11W x 8.5D


  • Includes a rain cover stowed in a pocket in the bottom.
  • Removable waist belt has two zippered pockets (although our favorite way to use this pack is executive-style, with the waist belt removed)

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Joel A.
Good bag

It is a good bag. Made well and lots of padding. It doesn't "fill out" as much as I thought it would have. Still holds quite a bit and serves the purpose I wanted it o.

Cherry Bomb Back Pack

The construction of the Cherry Bomb is excellent with a lot of pockets. The inside is sturdy and has no issues holding an AR Pistol.

Eric B.

Excellent pack for EDC.

Dean D.
Cherry Bomb

This bag is perfect for my needs. It is very well made and thoughtfully laid out. The discreet design and color scheme gives me confidence for EDC.

Absolute best! Most comfortable! Need a 6TH STAR

I’ve been switching between 5.11 slings & AMP72 to carry my 11.5” Virtus(and sometimes my rattler). It all seemed a bit bulky, a bit awkward(or uncomfortable) to carry heavy load, things add up & become heavy fast when you are outfitted with a do all kinda AR pistol.

Believe be a lot fits together in a package in this(see photo for more details) To give you an example, I’m running an 11.5” Virtus with Dead air muzzle device, topped off with the pyro/blast shield, atop I have a scout pro, Unity Hot nitro, Razor 1-6(509t offset), Vickers sling, it’s a bit snug fit with the optic, but it fits(my lower has a rattler size grip so that helps). Along with the weapon, I’m carrying 2 full freezer bag full of medical, extra batteries, small power pack, charger, USB cables, 2x 30 round mags 1x 40 round mag(gun only fits with a 10round mag in it), dead air Nomad30.

All of this fits with more then 1/2 the “public” compartment empty, the front & one of the side zippered pocket empty…like I can totally open it up & through daily stuff, phone, keys, other items, possibly even a wind breaker(light one but by them it may look bulky)… Been searching for a slimline set up so I can just grab & go & during BF/CM sale I just had to give this a go. I gotta admit ZERO regrets, this is by far the most comfortable to carry everything I just mentioned. I have other other gunslinger bags & this feels just as comfy when walking around all day, there’s just something about the way Eberlestock sets up their shoulder straps that no one else I’ve ever tried has come close to. I wish I had traded up to an Eberlestock assault pack in my grunt days!

If you are in need for carry a package that’s about 23” long folded with a full-size optic. This is where it’s at! Now I imagine you’ll need to get a small grip like reptile or the Sig rattler grip as at 23” it’s a tight fit. If you are running a small RDS, any standard grip won’t be any issue.

Side not a rattler,Maxim PDX anything of that nature will fit with suppressor mounted. I hope all this jumbled up details help someone!

Bottom like there needs to be a 6TH STAR added to this if you are tired of trying to find the right “SBR BAG”

Jeff B.
Cherry Bomb

After receiving the Cherry Bomb, I was wondering if I might send it back in exchange for another pack please? I have not used it other than putting a 300 Blackout in it. After seeing it and trying to fit my laptop as well, I was wondering if I can pay the difference for a Little Trick. I think it would better suit my needs and like the option of also carrying a handgun. Thanks so much for consideration.

Abel P.
Awesome Product

Awesome product, smooth purchase, highly recommend their Cherry Bomb for use as an EDC for a SBR...

Michael G.
Amazing pack, just too long.

The pack is outstanding. I just would like to see a less lengthy version with everything else the same.

Gerald D.
Cherry bomb is the bomb!

I really loved the pack, I just needed a little more space. I hated to return it, but in good conscience I couldn’t keep it and hope to find a practical use for it. I plan on buying a Little Trick when they come back in stock.

Omri S.
Great backpack !

I use my cherry bomb as a daily backpack, I have a45 mintue commute each way everyday that I do on my motorcycle, given the way the backpack sits on your back and "hugs" you really snuggly it feels like a part of your body when you move around on your bike, also, it's very narrow and long shape works great in dispersing the weight along you back and keeping its shape very aerodynamic which means it doesn't catch any crosswinds that push you around the lane ... great backpack! Absolutely recommend for bikers!