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The BirdBag utility bag is an easy way to mount 1900 cubic inches of additional capacity on your Eberlestock pack. It has a nylon mesh front designed to let meat cool, and a solid nylon back to keep your pack clean, and comes in a mesh stuff sack. When combined with packs with large compression straps, such as the Gunslinger, the BirdBag will carry a significant amount of meat. For packs without external compression straps, such as the X1, the bag is great for lighter loads of meat or upland game. For heavier loads on these packs, we recommend adding a cross-lashing of supplemental accessory straps (such as our ACSL 36" straps).


  • Weight: 1 lb 1 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cody M.
Bird Bag

Got this for my first hunt and loved how I was able to easily attach/detach it to my bag. It also allowed me to save space inside my bag rather than having to make room for game bags

Sampsa S.
Good bird bag

Generally well designed. Attaching ”clips” / straps could be less thick/massive for more versatile attachment to various kind of packs.

Jesse A.
Bird bag

This is a great lightweight bag for carrying anything from birds to sheds to a quarter of a deer from the field to the truck

Jeff H.
Perfect size

I like the size and the construction. Goes great with my Carrier frame, and stays inside the lines. The size would make Goldilocks proud! Not too big... Not to little. JUST RIGHT

Kim N.
A must-have!

A product of the usual unbeaten Eberlestock quality. I keep it on my F1 and works great as a stuff sack and as a gathering sack.
It´s honestly a super cheap piece of gear that is very versatile and useful. Do yourself a favor and add it to your kit.

BirdBag works well as stuff sack

I use BirdBag to carry extra bulky clothing when I hike to or from my blind. Attaches easily to any pack and leaves the interior of the pack to my gear.


Great lightweight bag, easy attachment design to work with packs and expand carrying load

Joe B.
Very versatile accessory

I've been in the market for a new upland vest for a while now. Specifically, I was looking for something that would carry what I need and that was balanced like my big game packs. This fits my x2 perfectly but you could slap it on almost any pack. It seems really well built as well, sturdy but very lightweight.

Bob 4.
Bird bag

I love my Just One and thought this bag would be appropriate for waterfowl. Sadly it’s not, as it’s far too small and it’s probably more for chukars or other smaller birds. I think the J34 is a great platform but this piece doesn’t suit my needs. It is built well, so this meh review is because its description needs editing to explain its narrower purpose than “birds”

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