Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET
Big Trick - OUTLET

Big Trick - OUTLET

Expandable EDC pack with an edgy, modern-executive style

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The S45 Big Trick™ will serve you well in any situation, but it was intentionally designed for one specific purpose — to allow comfortable and discreet carry of longer guns, such as a full-scale folding sniper rifle. Low-profile magnetic closures on both sides of the pack offer quick access to your handgun while the expandable bottom compartment increases overall volume and lengthens the scabbard, allowing you to customize the pack for load size and weapon length. Expandable to 31.5" 


CCW Pocket

17" Tech Pocket

Concealed Rifle Carry

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  • Volume: 1,275 c.i.
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 27.5H x 11.5W x 7.5D


  • Rare earth magnetic openings to hidden handgun pouches
  • Interior loop-velcro PALS webbing to rack accessories
  • Interior pockets for hydration bladder, mags, small item organizers, etc.
  • Detachable harness & hip belt
  • New MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60% weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes
  • Ambidextrous concealed holster suitable for most handguns, including full-frame semi-automatics.
  • Expandable Scabbard suitable for various M4-class semi autos, 11” barrel length and shorter, or folding scoped rifle in the extended model

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Fitment for Reference

If it helps any other citizens I’m stating here that a 16in MCX/Spear LT, SCAR and other rifles with similar barrel lengths with folding stocks fit with the extension unfolded. With extra gear it should get tighter. The overall quality is good. Check photos for reference. As someone else said the partitions even when folded might snag light/laser in some cases. I have no complaints yet.

Good, but changes not reflected in media.

The molle on the external of main panel no longer exists, or never did. Was a significant factor in my consideration, and figured that others would appreciate being aware.

Jon W.
Great Products

Great quality products and a great price!

Charles O.
Genius: Almost undetectable Tactical EDC

I own both the Little Trick and now Big Trick and can see great potential with both. Concealed carry pistol pocket is amazing in access and placement. The Big Trick with scabbard extended will definitely hold an SBR and with a suppressor, if also with a stock! Great accessory pockets as well! Love this pack!

Waller W.
Big trick

Another quality product from Eberlestock, bag is exactly as advertised, I can easily fit my SBR (with 8 inch suppressor attached), a water bladder, rain jacket, various survival aids, 4 extra mags, gallon bag of food and various other Knick nacks inside. As always super comfortable to carry a decent amount of weight. Stitching and everything fit and finish wise is what you would expect from eberlestock. This back should easily outlast me.

Eric S.
One or the other

I purchased the Big Trick in hopes of being able to use it to discrete carry my agency issued AR platform SBR (which is 26.5 inches long when collapsed) and my everyday work stuff (laptop with accessories, a notebook, eyeglasses, handheld radio, etc. which fit nicely into my Maxpedition Condor or Falcon-II).

The built in admin pocket is stacked/sewn into the top of the pack and is integrated into the flap that unzips to access the main compartment of the bag. The collapsed length of my rifle does fit into the main compartment, but it is a tight fit. The butt of the rifle pushes into the underside of the admin pocket (inserted muzzle down) when the main compartment is zippered closed.

After putting my small items into the admin pocket and expanding it a little bit, I couldn't close the pack without unzipping the extension pocket at the bottom of the pack. This dropped the rifle another 3 or 4 inches deeper into the bag. Which was okay until I tried to pack my other items into the main compartment.

Once I put my laptop, the accessory pouch/sleeve for phone chargers/cords, my notepad, and sunglasses case into the other internal pockets, it filled up very quickly, leaving little room to add a spare magazine pouch (or another pouch) to the internal molle panel and made for a snug fit when zipping the body closed. With the rifle removed, everything fit fine.

Overall the pack is very well built. Eberlestock uses top notch materials. The pack is very comfortable to carry and has a very solid, stable, feel. The internal frame board is nice, but with the bottom of the bag extended, my rifle wants to hang-up/grab on the bottom edge. I ended up moving my weapon mounted light to a different rail to keep it from grabbing.

I like the bag overall, however, I have come to the conclusion I am going use it as either a dedicated discreet rifle bag and set it up for just that mission or I can use it as a dedicated non-rifle EDC, hiking or travel bag, but not both with the rifle I am trying to carry in it.

Perhaps a different rifle/AR pistol configuration or something like a Mossberg Shockwave would be a better fit when combined with EDC.

Jonathan M.
Big Trick is a Big Game Changer

The design and functionality with this pack is excellent. No unnecessary pockets that tend to be too small to use, all conveniently located, and modularity with the molle panel. Clearly designed with intent, and experience.

Jhovany O.
A little tall but still awesome

Really made for taller folks. But it's a high quality pack with awesome features.

Kendall M.
High Quality, but smaller than I was expecting.

This is my third eberlestock bag. I love my Hispeed 2, its the perfect day bag for in the field and got the switchblade because I wanted something smaller for convoys.

I recently have come to need a third bag for marksmanship competitions so I dont have to keep unpacking/repacking my special purpose bags. So I ordered the bigtrick since it have the rifle scabbard and appeared to have enough internal volume to sustain a long day on an inefficient Army range. What arrived in the mail appears to be a longer version of the switchblade (my smaller convoy bag) that has so many internal layers/pockets/pouches that when empty and laid flat, the bag is still 6 inches thick. I have yet to put a single item in the bag, yet when I feel around inside the pockets it feels like the pockets around them are stuffed full.

The build quality is exceptional (its an eberlestock after all), just feels very cramped inside.

Jake R.
Big Trick Bag

This bag is ultra comfortable & the versatility is what makes it a very useful pack. I look forward to many weekend trips & hiking with this bag :)