Batwing - OUTLET
Batwing - OUTLET
Batwing - OUTLET
Batwing - OUTLET
Batwing - OUTLET
Batwing - OUTLET

Batwing - OUTLET

Use two with EMOD frames for an ultralight daypack

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The A6SB Batwing Pouch™ is an extremely versatile addition to most of our packs. Two Batwings can be coupled together on our F1 Mainframe™ to build a great minimalist day pack, or they can be added to an EMOD™ compatible pack as a way to increase capacity. The minimalist design allows the Batwings to be zipped apart and laid open for placing and securing meat or gear between them while they stay securely fixed to the frame.

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  • Volume: 562.5 c.i.
  • Weight: 9.6oz
  • Dimensions: 21H x 5.25W x 3.75D


  • EMOD™ compatible
  • Vapor Series™ compatible 
  • Interior clip for securing the 2L or 3L Source® hydration bladders

Customer Reviews

Based on 375 reviews
James M. (Montana)

I love the Batwing bags. They are the perfect day bag setup with my F1 Mainframe.

josh w.
Batwing on F1 mainframe

Two batwings on an F1 mainframe is the perfect sized pack for hunting. If you have large puffy jackets or rain coats that you take off when you're climbing a mountain, just put them between the batwings and the mainframe and you're golden.


My husband was elated to get this surprise for his Elk hunting trip! It worked amazing for all his needs .

E p. (Colorado)
Bat wings

They fit great and there is plenty of room for spotting scope and gear


These are awesome…

Antonio G. (Ohio)
Good product - Needs more information on EMOD compatibility

I have the Little Brother Pack which is pruported to be EMOD compatible. I ordered the batwings to attach to the pack...only to find out that this particular combo of "EMOD" items does not in fact really work...It is a good idea but there needs to be some more clarity on which EMOD items are actually compatible with others...


Terrific way to add more storage space to your backpack. It makes it real easy, adding these two bat wings on each side of your pack. these pouches make it very easy to access for anything that you put in them. 

Jeremy W. (Michigan)

bat wings work great open up for big hauls , close up for stalk n move.

Michael D.
Great flexibility

The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is that the zip-one’s should have a clip to retain and make sure they don’t unzip.

Stephen L. (California)
Dark to dark

Batwigs and main frame worked great for me the last few weeks. Held everything I needed for dark to dark hunts. Was lucky enough to be able to unzip the center and come out heavy with meat bags stuffed in the center and cinched down. I am very happy with how it worked only bad is the zippers tend to unzip them selves a few inches. My buddy has the Kuiu pack and I was able to load my pack with deboned meat bags a lot easier and not worry about losing anything out the bottom because of the mainframe shelf and the batwing sides. Can’t wait to use the 2500 vapor on an overnighter. Other reviews people complained about their hydration pack falling down. I did not have this problem, held my 3 L camelback securely in the pouch.