Užsegamas sausas krepšys
Užsegamas sausas krepšys
Užsegamas sausas krepšys
Užsegamas sausas krepšys
Užsegamas sausas krepšys

Užsegamas sausas krepšys

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Puikus jūsų rėmelių arba J tipo paketo papildymas.



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Tūris: 4000 ci.
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Puikus komplimentas jūsų F1 Mainframe™ arba J34 Just One™ paketui. Padidinkite bet kurios iš šių sistemų pajėgumą užtrauktuku bet kurio dydžio sausame maiše, kad galėtumėte lengvai vežti krovinius. Apvyniojamas viršus leidžia suspausti apkrovą žemyn, o užklijuotos siūlės išlaiko įrangą sausą.

Sujunkite J2DB / J3DB su pora Batwing Pouches™, kad sukurtumėte lengvą, patogų, mėsos gabenimo dienos paketą.


Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Rollie R.
Another great product from eberlestock

A great addition to my hunting pack

Jack W.
Perfect for J51.

Have this and the little brother for my war hammer. I like that I can zip this into the war hammer and go from a 30L pack to a 95L pack. I can also stack this with the little brother for a combined 125L pack.

Glenn R.F.P.
Eberle delivers again

Great gear! I have yet to be disappointed. Bought the F1 mainframe and just keep adding to the endless options. The MOD system makes so much sense. It can handed everything from a long 10day hunt to a day hunt or even a saddle hunting set up w/ the batwigs and perfect set up for carrying sticks and gear in for the mobile hunter.

David C.
Dry Bag for F1 Mainframe pack

This is such a simple and awesome way to control all my gear! Great product keep up the good work.

Brian P.
Fit on my old war hammer

This bag fit on my warhammer pack.

John A.
Great Product

Perfect mix of durability and weight. Seems extremely waterproof. I love the simplicity of this and wish more packs were like this. Not for you if you like lots of pockets, or you can add individual packing units inside. I like the ability to easily drop it off with camping gear inside and know it will be protected.

Bryan S.
Large and Sturdy

I have not had this in the field yet, but I have packed it to get everything properly adjusted. This thing is huge! Sleeping bag, tent, clothing, food, and extras fit without an issue. Very heavy duty material. The only issue is there is no clip to hold the zipper up to the loop on the F1 mainframe.

todd j.
Dry bag

This dry bag is great. It zips to my F1, is super lightweight and holds a ton of gear.

Mike. E.
Best drybag

For me the best Dry bag I have bought so far, large volume, resistant to stones and branches, waterproof, it is top combined with my bat wings on my main frame F1

Flight D.
Dry bag

Excellent for packing a set of dry clothes on a wet hunt. Smaller bags for fire starters or food products. Make your stay in the woods more comfortable. Dry clothes in a cold climate can save your life. Cheers!