Ilgi pečių diržai

Ilgi pečių diržai

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Ilgųjų pečių diržai gali būti naudojami pakeisti standartinius daugelio Eberlestock pakuočių diržus. Veikia su visomis pakuotėmis su nuimamais diržais, išskyrus tuos, kurių inkstų pagalvėlės yra pritvirtintos prie diržų nugaros viduryje (t. y. nerekomenduojama J117, J79, V69/90 ir kt.).

Customer Reviews

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Nathan G.
Perfect upgrade

I'm. It a particularly tall person 5ft 10in. The extra couple inches on the strap made the plastic adjustments ride slightly lower. This made things a smidge more comfortable while carrying heavy loads. Would recommend the upgrade for any pack.

Thomas B.
Why No Attachment Instructions??

Maybe. It readily apparent to most people but I am reasonably intelligent snd I just have to guess as to how to attach this very nice harness on to me Eberlestock rifle scabbard.

It certainly wouldn’t cost you more than a few cents to put an attachment diagram in with the harness.

The product is well made but the requested documentation is non- existent

Rusty S.
Great Harness for taller folks

Excellent fit, well made as all Eberlestock products

Perfect….as usual

I ordered two of these. One was to replace a worn yoke on my pack. The other was to design and make a biathlon-style sling for my rifle. In both cases, it works perfectly, as expected of stuff from Eberlestock.

John B.
Little Brother made a new Friend

The longer harness has created a comfort for north of 30 lb. loads that simply didn't exist. For larger, broader men, it will feel like a completely new experience.The harness fits as if it's shipped with the pack. I made a good decision.

Brian D.
Long shoulder harness

I recently purchased the A4SS tactical scabbard, and I’m using the shoulder harness to make a light, quick, “run and gun” scabbard pack!